The Chicago Blackhawks Finish An Impressive Season With The Stanley Cup Trophy!!

The Chicago Blackhawks, lead by manager Joel Quenneville, completed an impressive season by defeating the Tampa Bay Lightning on Monday! Whispers of a dynasty are being uttered in the hockey world as the Blackhawks won two of the past four Stanley Cups, splitting the honors with the Los Angeles Kings (2012 Kings, Blackhawks 2013, Kings 2014, Blackhawks 2015). The Blackhawks also won the Stanley Cup in 2010, which means that in the past 6 seasons their names have been engraved on the prestigious trophy 3 times. I would say that would warrant being called a dynasty.  While they are not quite the 90’s Bulls, the city of Chicago certainly is in a frenzy over their beloved Blackhawks.

Celebration Parade in Downtown Chicago

The Chicago Blackhawks finished the regular season with a record of 48-34 and finished the regular season with the 7th best record in the NHL. They endured a grueling road to the Stanley Cup Finals, but were able to defeat the Tampa Bay Lightning in 6 games 4-2 to hoist the historic Lord Stanley of Preston’s trophy. If you ask me, the Stanley Cup is the best looking trophy to be won in American/Canadian professional sports. It truly is a sight to behold, and if you ever get a chance to visit Toronto, I would encourage a trip to the National Hockey Hall of Fame just to see the cup. The Tampa Bay Lightning, lead by stud center Tyler Johnson with the lethal slap-shot, and wonder-kid-winger Nikita Kucherov, were no match for the disciplined Blackhawk team and their propensity for power play goals. The Blackhawks were able to kill off penalties they committed lead by the strong play of defender Niklas Hjalmarsson. The Blackhawks have a dynamic duo themselves with Jonathan Toews (Ryan Seacrest doppleganger) and Patrick Kane. Between the two, they accounted for 55 of the Blackhawks’ 220 goals in the regular season and that momentum kept going deep into the playoffs!

Seacrest with a beard achieving greatness aka Jonathan Toews Chicago’s new mayor!

I find it very disheartening that so much hoopla was swirling around the logo and name of the Washington Redskins. A team with the prestige that the Stanley Cup winners now have seems to fly under the radar with a similar logo and a name that is reflective of a Native American society. Could it be since hockey isn’t followed to the magnitude of the NFL that this sensitive name and logo are swept under the rug?? Of course no malicious harm was meant by the founders, but one has to question why make a big deal about the Washington Redskins, only to turn the other cheek to the Chicago Blackhawks? The Chicago Blackhawks’ name is derived from the Sauk Indian leader named Blackhawk who helped the British fight the Americans in the War of 1812 in order to get the land back for his people. In 1832, Blackhawk, aka Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak, led the Sauk warriors against the European-American settlers who again tried to invade his people’s land in what is now present day Saukenuk, Illinois. So it seems that if we are going about brandishing the name of a Native American tribe for football, then hockey, or any other sport like MLB’s Cleveland Indians or NCAA’s Florida State Seminoles, should be held accountable as well. I attribute the lack of diverse fans in hockey as the reason it has been ignored. The sport is a predominantlywhite one, so it is hard to offend those who have little to no Native American ties.

Unfortunately, due to the white privilege that dominates modern American society, white people are never forced to really think about race. Minorities are bombarded with constant reminders that they are not white every single day and are therefore more sensitive to oppression and appropriation. Most pro hockey players and fans alike derive from Canada, Slovak speaking countries, as well as the Scandinavian peninsula. Either way, if you’re going to put one professional team under the microscope and deem the name as discriminatory, then they all must be held to the same precedent.


Chief Blackhawk


Washington Redskin’s Logo


Chicago Blackhawk’s Logo



Highlights of the game that won them the cup.


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