Johnny Football: Saving his “Money”

While at Texas A.M University, Johnny Manziel was a straight stud. Standing out against his competition, scrambling for huge chunks of yards, throwing beautiful passes to Mike Evans. He was truly a dominant force, and regardless of his height he was definitely the biggest man on campus. Confident on the field, braggadocios in his post game interviews, Johnny Football displayed the type of showmanship you’d expect from a young Deon Sanders. However after a disappointing rookie season, Johnny Manziel seems to be turning a new leaf.

This upcoming football season may very well shape Johnny Manziel as professional, but will giving up his ‘money celebration’ be enough to save his career?

The transition from ‘College to Pro’ drastically smacked Manziel in the face. He went from 37 touchdowns as a senior, to 0 (passing) touchdowns in the NFL. He actually had more touchdowns in college than he had passing attempts for the Cleveland Browns. In the last 15 years of watching football, I personally never seen any QuarterBack fall as hard as Johnny Football.

Originally said to be too small for the NFL, many scouts questioned whether Manziel had the physical tools to translate as a NFL star. Ideally speaking professional Quarterbacks need to be at least 6’2″, but with the recent success of (*5’10”) Russell Wilson, it was hard to pass up on the charismatic Heisman trophy winner.

Johnny Manziel was superman in College but someone in Cleveland melted Kryptonite in his Gatorade. Its going to take a lot to salvage his career. He is going to need to improve his game in every way possible, not to mention the Cleveland Browns will have to surround him with a more competent supporting cast. Having a Josh Gordon caliber player for 5 weeks a season wont cut it. After a more conservative draft in 2015, The Browns are looking to change their long history of failure. However when it comes to Johnny Manziel his ‘money celebrations’ should be the least of their worries.

Good Luck Kid!


One thought on “Johnny Football: Saving his “Money””

  1. He needs to maintain the swag but just focus on mastering the playbook as well as different defensive schemes. That is what separates a guy like Drew Brees from Eli Manning. If you know a teams tendencies and how they should approach the playbook you have in place then you can have more control on each play. Takes after time but its more than just the raw attributes and how to throw a football. He needs to cash in the money sign as well as be a TRUE STUDENT of the game. HE NEEDS THAT SWAG

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