Nike Air Zoom Vick 2 : Coming Back This Fall


Hate him or Love him, 10 years ago Michael Vick was the man in the NFL. Regardless of his work ethic, he was by far, the most mercurial talent to ever play his position. He had a rocket arm, and he was every bit as fast as any kick returner on special teams, (including the incredible Devin Hester. )

Off the field, Nike sportswear was cashing out with Vick who had the most popular signature shoe in the NFL.  Not since the days of Bo Jackson has any NFL player had a sneaker this coveted.

The Blk/Blk/Red colorway was (and still is) a clean looking model. The Air Zoom technology and rugged rubber outsole provided a very comfortable sneaker for cross-training on and off the field.

Detailed pictures of the Nike Air Zoom Vick 2 (Falcons’)


Courtesy Of (Sole Collector)

Very Nostalgic …

I’m pretty sure the protesters down at PETA will be looking to boycott footlockers across country. You figure the world would be satisfied with his punishment, but apparently 2 years in prison just ain’t enough for some people. Just ask George Zimmerman, your probably better off busting a cap at black teenager. (SMH)

Just another sad reality of the world we live in… but let me not bring you down the rabbit hole, enjoy the matrix little ones, and make sure you check these kicks out when they release in the Fall.


Make that money my dude!


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