The New Kid On The Block: Adrien Broner

Floyd Money Mayweather is set to ride into the sunset unbeaten with an impressive record of 48-0. So with has eventual retirement just over the horizon boxing will need a new poster boy to revolutionize the sport. Next in line appears to be the all to charismatic Adrien Broner. He is unlike any boxer because he is belligerently cocky, flamboyant, and is a seasoned trash talker. Adrien Broner also known as About Billions, keeps fans and even youtube viewers thoroughly entertained with his wild antics, witty word play, and the lavish way he lives his life. His documentary A Day In The Life, 2 Days, and About Billions is a look into Broner’s life and how the boxer conducts himself from day to day. Broner does rub many the wrong way cause I doubt humility is a word in his vocabulary, but Broner definitely talks the talk and walks the walk in scintillating fashion. His demeanor is similar to Muhammad Ali as far as color commentary he provides fans and even how he handles business in the ring.

As of now his record is 30-1, 22 by way of knockout and 8 by decision. His lone defeat came at the hands of Marcos Maidana, whom Mayweather defeated twice prior to the epic clash with Manny Pacquiao. Adrien Broner is 25 years old and hails from Cincinatti, Ohio. Broner weighs about 147 lbs, is 5 feet 7 inches tall, has a reach of 71 inches, and is a right handed fighter. Adrien Broner is a 3 time world champion he held the WBC lightweight championship, WBO super featherweight championship, and the WBA welterweight championship. Now Broner faces a pretty good test with his opponent tonight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Shawn Porter is 25-1-1 and a rising star in the welterweight division. It should be a good test to see how good Broner is. If he wins there have been whispers of a possible Mayweather vs. Broner duel that would surely shutdown Vegas! Adrien Broner definitely is a young talent to watch in the coming years. -BoSo

Broner/Porter Press Conference

An excerpt from his doc About Billions 

One thought on “The New Kid On The Block: Adrien Broner”

  1. All That Hype and he still lost….You should rock wit my boy Andre Berto…he had the JUICE a few years ago and Maywether was duckin him…now that he took a few L’s the pretty boy might not be so scared anymore.

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