J Cole’s Dollar & A Dream Tour Provides Fans With Entrance For A Buck

J Cole for my dollar is definitely one of the best MC’s in the game. He debuted back in 2011 with his first studio album entitled Cole World. It sold 218,000 copies in its first week and to date it has sold close to 900,000 units. Since then 2 more bangers have been released Born Sinner and Forest Hills Drive so J Cole is definitely leaving his imprint in the industry, and proving he is one of the most lyrical artists in the game. One thing that makes J Cole unique is the content of his music, often encouraging the youth to think for themselves; and rise above the odds to pursue their goals no matter their origin or environment.

This will be the third year J Cole will be doing the Dollar And A Dream tour. The tour gives fans the rare opportunity of gaining admission to his concert for the modest price of 1 US dollar. The only catch is that J Cole announces the venue as well as time the day of the event via twitter. He performs every song on the mixtape Friday Night Lights as well as select singles that tickles his fancy. So you can imagine the chaotic Black Friday type feel his concerts have as soon as he tweets the particulars, so it is first come first serve. I personally like that J Cole gives every American citizen the chance to see him perform live! J Cole will be in my hometown, Atlanta, Georgia on June 24, 2015 so if you follow J Cole on twitter be sure to lookout for the time and date of the concert tweet. If you don’t follow J Cole on twitter and are interested then the course of action is self-explanatory. Best believe Atlanta will be nipping at the bit to scramble to the secret concert when the announcement is made. J Cole is definitely a legend in the making and longevity is the only thing keeping him from that status. -BoSo

Dollar And A Dream Tour Dates:

June 21 – Dallas, TX
June 22 – New York, NY
June 24 – Atlanta, GA
June 26 – Los Angeles, CA

Dollar And A Dream Tour Warm-Up

“Looking For Trouble” off the Friday Night Lights Mixtape

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