Prospect Watch: Emmanuel Mudiay

“Damn Homie, in High School You was The Man, Homie” –50cent

After being the number 1 prospect in the country as a high school senior, Emmanuel Mudiay is getting 50cent returns on his Chinese investment.  A lot has changed since his decision to forgo college, some GM’s may look at his decision as an indictment on his character. Others, may have questions concerning his skills, but even though Mudiay chose the road less traveled, its obvious that he picked up great experience along the way.

Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown comparing Russell to Mudiay:

“Emmanuel is a point guard, I don’t think D’Angelo Russell is a point guard,” he said. “But I think D’Angelo Russell is a great player. He can pass the hell out of the ball, he can shoot it with range. I don’t think he’ll ever be the defender that Emmanuel is and I don’t think he’ll ever run a team the way Emmanuel does but he also doesn’t need to do that the way he plays.” –Larry Brown


Mudiay was fully committed to go to SMU to play for Coach Brown, however after analyzing his families finances he chose to take a 1.2 million dollar deal in China.  Obviously a million dollars is hard to pass up for a struggling teen, the decision to go pro also gave him the option of signing a shoe deal with Under Armour for an undisclosed sum of money.


Perhaps a Cinderella story from rags to riches, Mudiay is now probably the most financially stable athlete heading into the 2015 NBA draft. The only down side to his decision was an unfortunate ankle injury that ended up claiming most his playing time. Due to that injury, Manny has a much smaller sample size of games to critique, and likewise that has affected his draft stock.

What do we Know for sure???

This kid is a hooper, he has the “basketball gene” and at 6’5″ he is touted as the best pure point guard in this draft. His game is always looking to set up the open man.As a matter of fact, he is such a wizard in the pick and roll, that he is already being compared to John Wall… Granted I don’t think he is quite that gifted, but he does have the mold of a fantastic player, especially if he ends up in the right system.

Quite frankly the most skilled play maker in this draft, and standing at a sturdy 6’5 could definitely defend both back court positions in the NBA. Very quick first step and very explosive at the point of attack.

Very streaky shooter.
Cannot consistently hit a wide open jumper.
Pretty bad from the free throw line.(Especially for a Point Guard)

African Pride


When it comes to Mudiay its hard to find too many things to critique. Being a first generation American, I hope this kid has that “3rd world fire” Dikembe Mutumbo showcased in the mid 90’s. Granted they play different positions, but Congolese players have always had a reputation for being hard nosed defenders…. Serge Ibaka and would attest to that.


Like his countrymen,  Mudiay has the physical tools to be one of the better defenders in the NBA. He is projected to fall anywhere from 3rd to 8th in the 2015 NBA Draft.

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