No More Mutombo For JPP

The Giants pro bowl defensive end Jason Pierre Paul was released from the hospital after a 4th of July firecracker incident that left his right index finger severed. It was blown up so severely that JPP had to have his finger amputated. That is a tough spill to swallow because as a defender it is hard for you to wrap-up and tackle with just four fingers. Future hall of famer Hugh Douglas shed some light on the situation. He stated that “I heard about JPP’s situation and I tried making a tackle without my right index finger and it was extremely difficult.”  “You lose a lot of power in gripping which is needed to corral the ball carrier.” So Jason Pierre Paul definitely will have his work cut out for him to return to the good form he was in last season where he recorded 77 tackles and 12.5 sacks.

Coincidentally cornerback CJ Wilson of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost two of his fingers in a similar incident on the 4th of July. For JPP he will have to adapt to tackling, swimming, and ripping with all his remaining extremities. The Giants were looking to iron out an extension deal with Pierre Paul prior to training camp reportedly worth 60 million dollars. So this bizarre event will definitely be affecting Pierre Paul’s wallet. As his current contract stands he is expected to make 14.8 million dollars this season with the one year franchise tag deal he inked in March of 2015. Now the Giants may need to reevaluate how much they invest in the pro bowler given his new handicap. How he performs this season will go along way in determing how JPP’s legacy will be established. -BoSo

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