Madden 16 Hits The Shelves

Football is officially back and there is no better way to reiterate that fact than by the release of the infamous franchise, Madden 16. For those of you living in the depths of some abyss Madden is a video game based off the NFL, their trademarks, as well as all their players. The popularity of Madden just goes to show you how much Americans do love football! Madden gives all of us a chance to coach and live vicariously through the real players virtual counterparts. I’ve seen instances were people have fought, cried, prospered, as well as made a legitimate living off the Maddens of years past. For my dollar one of my favorite Maddens is Madden 06 when they implemented the QB vision. I think it was genius personally, but I know a lot of people who absolutely hated it! Madden has become a must own game and is the representation dare I say the official commencement of the NFL season!!! Continue reading Madden 16 Hits The Shelves

Geno Smith’s Career Dwindles Over 600 Bucks

Yesterday the New York Jets 3rd year starting quarterback, Geno Smith, had the wind taken out of his sails by one punch. Former teammate Ikemefuna “IK” Enemkpali broke Geno Smith’s jaw with a haymaker in a locker room altercation. As details surface about the incident it seems Geno Smith owed Enemkpali 600 dollars because of a plane ticket IK paid on Smith’s behalf. Geno was suppose to go to a kids football training camp IK was hosting in Texas. It turns out IK paid for Smith’s ticket to Texas, but Smith could not make it due to a funeral he had to intend. So after practice on August 11, 2015 IK I would assume approached him about the debt owed and I would suspect Geno might have provoked IK but as an end result Geno Smith will be out 6 weeks after the jaw surgery. 1st year head coach Todd Bowles says it was a “sucker punch” and soon after the altercation, IK a 2nd year linebacker out of Louisiana Tech, was released from the New York Jets.

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Drake vs. Meek Mill Twitter Tweef

As the world turns rappers seem to find a reason to hate on one another. Why have I never heard of any rock bands beefing or country singers? This specific instance for me highlights the culture of African-Americans and how frugal we can be. Pride can be a gift and a curse and it seems people prefer to use it negatively than positively. So here’s the scoop; Meek Mill decided to take a shot at Drake on twitter.

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