Drake vs. Meek Mill Twitter Tweef

As the world turns rappers seem to find a reason to hate on one another. Why have I never heard of any rock bands beefing or country singers? This specific instance for me highlights the culture of African-Americans and how frugal we can be. Pride can be a gift and a curse and it seems people prefer to use it negatively than positively. So here’s the scoop; Meek Mill decided to take a shot at Drake on twitter.

So as a little birdie tells it Meek Mill was upset Drake didn’t shoutout his new album which is a way artists help other artists promote projects via social media. The album is titled Dreams Worth More Than Money and was released June 29, 2015. Drake is featured on what some say is the best track on Meek’s album, “R.I.C.O.” So the tweet you see above is what sparked the “tweef.” Meek Mill claims that Drake is not authentic and doesn’t write his lyrics. He goes on to say Drake has a ghostwriter and Drake just memorizes and performs the verses.  Meek Mill insists a local Atlanta rapper named Quentin Miller wrote Drake’s verse in R.I.C.O. as well as 10 Bands.

I personally feel this “tweef” is a publicity stunt that Meek and Drake agreed to so they can both benefit from all the hoopla. This “beef” seems way too frivolous to me the fact that it has garnered national attention is alarming but Americans need something to gossip about. Drake to me is so above Meek Mill before this twitter jazz that if this is legitimate then Meek is about to commit career suicide. As one artists rides in to the sunset (Meek Mill) perhaps Quentin Miller ,if he is indeed the writer of some or all of Drake’s lyrics, should find his phone getting some extra attention. Drake for my dollar is the best rapper of 2015 hands down!!! Drake made two diss tracks directed towards Meek and Meek finally responded with a diss track of his own. -BoSo

Here Are the diss tracks from both artsits:



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