Geno Smith’s Career Dwindles Over 600 Bucks

Yesterday the New York Jets 3rd year starting quarterback, Geno Smith, had the wind taken out of his sails by one punch. Former teammate Ikemefuna “IK” Enemkpali broke Geno Smith’s jaw with a haymaker in a locker room altercation. As details surface about the incident it seems Geno Smith owed Enemkpali 600 dollars because of a plane ticket IK paid on Smith’s behalf. Geno was suppose to go to a kids football training camp IK was hosting in Texas. It turns out IK paid for Smith’s ticket to Texas, but Smith could not make it due to a funeral he had to intend. So after practice on August 11, 2015 IK I would assume approached him about the debt owed and I would suspect Geno might have provoked IK but as an end result Geno Smith will be out 6 weeks after the jaw surgery. 1st year head coach Todd Bowles says it was a “sucker punch” and soon after the altercation, IK a 2nd year linebacker out of Louisiana Tech, was released from the New York Jets.

This is a huge blow for Geno Smith because this is really a silly occurence for a QB to have to miss reps as well as the first half of the season in really a make or break it year for the Roc Nation athlete. Smith did sign with Jay-Z’s sport agency but since signing to the Roc and New York Jets in 2013 Geno has not lived up to the hype. He really has been horrible after his first two seasons in the league. One could say Tim Tebow is more deserving of a guaranteed starting job but that is a whole other story. Geno Smith did have a legendary collegiate career at West Virginia. At times fans could expect Smith to register 400 yards and 6 TDs a game. He definitely put up video game numbers for the Mountaineers. In his final season at West Virginia he posted 4205 42 TDs and 6 INTs in 13 games.

When Geno Smith got to the NFL his career quickly derailed. In his first season Smith threw for 3046 yards, 12 TDs, and 21 INTs. Ironically Smith in one NFL season threw the same number of picks he threw in his 4 years at West Virgina University. In his sophomore season Smith did progress and showed glimpses of the promise the Jets initially invested in. Geno threw for 2525 yards 13 TDs and 13 INTs last season. Now going into this year Geno was named the starter and was performing well at training camp according to the Jet’s sources. Now NFL journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick out of Harvard will take over the reigns until Geno returns. The Jet’s this offseason did acquire Brandon Marshall to compliment Eric Decker. So Smith just in the eyes of his talent and natural progression was due an awesome opportunity to be great.

Looking back at the quarterback position for 2013 NFL draft. Geno is sadly possibly the best at this present point in time. The QB’s in his class consist of EJ Manuel (Bills), Mike Glennon (Buccaneers), Matt Barkley (Eagles), Ryan Nassib (Giants), and Tyler Wilson (Raiders). So nothing to write home about by any means after 2 seasons. So now Geno doesn’t even have a guaranteed job once he is cleared to play and in my opinion this was a blessing in disguise cause I feel Fitzpatrick will suit the team better than Smith has or will. After IK was released he was picked up by division rivals the Buffalo Bills off waivers. I always forget Buffalo is in New York so the match-up is for bragging rights in the state. So if IK happens to work his way into the Bill starting defensive unit it will be interesting to see how the tempers flare in those clashes. -BoSo


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