Madden 16 Hits The Shelves

Football is officially back and there is no better way to reiterate that fact than by the release of the infamous franchise, Madden 16. For those of you living in the depths of some abyss Madden is a video game based off the NFL, their trademarks, as well as all their players. The popularity of Madden just goes to show you how much Americans do love football! Madden gives all of us a chance to coach and live vicariously through the real players virtual counterparts. I’ve seen instances were people have fought, cried, prospered, as well as made a legitimate living off the Maddens of years past. For my dollar one of my favorite Maddens is Madden 06 when they implemented the QB vision. I think it was genius personally, but I know a lot of people who absolutely hated it! Madden has become a must own game and is the representation dare I say the official commencement of the NFL season!!!

Madden 2015 was the 2nd best selling game in the United States only trailing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. That does speak volumes about the franchise and the legacy coach John Madden will have from now until the NFL ceases to exist. For Madden it also is a great platform for established as well as new artists to put their imprint in the minds of Americans. I know in years past I was put on to some acts specifically because I enjoyed hearing that song while playing Madden. Acts such as Avenged Sevenfold, Yellowcard, Good Charlotte, and Papoose spring to mind. Also their is a myth about Madden that does seem to have some proof in the pudding. If you are a Madden Cover athlete then pretty much that is a deathwish for your career. That myth does hold some truth; the only athletes to really shed that curse in my opinion are Ray Lewis and Drew Brees. Other than that something catastrophic has happened to each cover athlete. Megatron to a lesser degree, but he just downgraded from being the best created player in the world to a pro bowl receiver named Calvin. Last year’s cover athlete, Richard Sherman, is still in the clear of the fabled curse. This year Odell Beckham Jr. last year’s front-runner in an impressive rookie class now graces the cover of Madden 16! This year will tell the tale if the “curse” effects OBJ. Last season Odell Beckham Jr. recorded 91 receptions, 1305 yards, and 12 TDs as a rookie which garnered him pro bowl honors as well as rookie of the year!

New innovations to the game make Madden 16 a strong candidate to be a top selling game this year. Now you have more control over how a receiver can make a catch. You can choose between attempting an aggressive catch, possession catch, or run after the catch. Defensively the AI is smarter and picks up on your user tendencies as if they were a real live opponent. So run a play you love 4 or 5 times in a game and you may see the ball going back the other way for SIX! Also the QB mechanics are sleeker and really focuses on how to deliver the ball to the desired receiver. So lead him one way or another as well as throw to his back shoulder with touch or velocity. Madden 16 is now in stores so grab your copy today! -BoSo



Here is the lineup for the soundtrack for Madden 16.

Artist(s) Song
A Thousand Horses “Travelin’ Man”
Big Data feat. Dragonette “Get Some Freedom”
Blackberry Smoke “Holding All the Roses”
Brooke Candy “Rubber Band Stacks”
Don Broco “Automatic”
Fashawn feat. Nas & Aloe Blacc “Something to Believe In”
GOH vs. Sugarstarr feat. Redman & Method Man “I Used to Be”
Hermitude feat. Young Tapz “Through the Roof”
James Bay “Collide”
Jimi Charles Moody “House of Moody”
John Newman Come and Get It
Joywave Destruction
Los “Ghetto Boy”
Lee Brice “Sirens”
LunchMoney Lewis “Ain’t Too Cool”
Modestep & Teddy Killerz “Make You Mine”
NF “Intro”
No Wyld “Odyssey”
Nothing But Thieves “Ban All the Music”
Rag’n’Bone Man “Wolves”
Robert DeLong “Better Days”
Sigma feat. Labrinth Higher
The Cadillac Three “I’m Rockin’”
The Weeknd Can’t Feel My Face
twenty one pilots “Heavydirtysoul”
Viv and the Revival “Flash”
X Ambassadors “Superpower”
Xilent feat. Diamond Eyes “Animation”
Yelawolf “Fiddle Me This”
Youngblood Hawke “Knock Me Down”


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