BoSo’s NFL Week 1 Fresh Picks

Welcome back to another year in the NFL!!!! Football is back Alas!!! The collegiate athletes did a fine job with the opening act, now it is time for the main event to take center stage!!! In an off season that saw a lot of new faces in new places it is sure to be an exciting year with plenty of twist and turns on the field as well as off it. Week 1 highlights two rookie 1st rounders starting off their careers against one another. QB Mariota vs QB Winston in what is sure to be an exciting match-up versus two of the upcoming stars in the league. I feel Mariota is light-years better than Jameis so that is a spoiler alert for that game. Peyton Manning is more than likely about to step away from the game after this season so we can see if he can go out like his boss John Elway, who defeated my beloved Dirty Birds in Miami. How ever this story ends Mr. Manning provided us with many memories, and he has always been a model citizen for the youngsters to replicate. Without further ado the picks for Week 1 in the National Football League!

Week 1

Steelers 21 Patriots 38

Packers 45 Bears 14

Chiefs 21 Texans 10

Browns 17 Jets 18

Colts 28 Bills 20

Dolphins 31 Redskins 23

Panthers 20 Jaguars 13

Seahawks 27 Rams 6

Saints 24 Cardinals 13

Lions 44 Chargers 34

Titans 24 Buccaneers 20

Bengals 28 Raiders 18

Ravens 17 Broncos 38

Giants 20 Cowboys 34

Eagles 32 Falcons 21

Vikings 27 49ers 25

Bold Predictions For The Week: Ryan Tannehill will throw for 400 yards and 4 TDs (biased pick but that’s my guy). Jeremy Hill will run for 200 yards against the Raiders. Brandon Coleman will have 150 yards receiving and 2 TDs.





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