“It Ain’t Over ’til its Over”

Baseball lost a titan and true pioneer of the game this week with the death of Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra. No I’m not talking about the lovable bear.  The legendary Yankee won a whopping 10 World Series for the prestigious New York Yankees and really made the franchise the stable powerhouse that it is alongside Joe DiMaggio. I have no doubt that the city of New York will immortalize the man who brought so much to the plate, field, and life.

The lovable legend died at age 90 of natural causes but left plenty life in every person he met.  Who else could get New York to light up the Empire State Building in Yankees’ stripes? In case you don’t know how special this man was for the sport, city and world just think about this, before there was Derek Jeter there was Yogi Berra.  Quite honestly even a figure like Derek Jeter doesn’t compare to what Yogi Berra did and what he leaves behind.

He has the credentials to be called the greatest to play the game.  Berra was a three time American League MVP.  He was born on May 12, 1925 and debuted in the Major League on September 22, 1946.  He ended his glorious career on May 9, 1965 with 1,175 runs scored, 2,150 hits, and 358 home runs.  The only thing more outstanding than his eye popping statistics was his simple and honest wisdom.

Yogi Berra coined a plethora of quotes named “Yogi-isms.” His most famous being the title above.  His brilliance lies in the realism and pure honesty of his personality that brought so many people together to the point where even the most religious Yankee haters can’t help but to show respect.  I am sure I speak on behalf of Fresh Take when I say he will be missed but not forgotten.  Our condolences to his family and the many friends that mourn his passing and celebrate his return home.


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