BoSo’s NFL Week 4 Fresh Picks

Welcome back freshtakers to another installment of Fresh Picks. So far the Contenders and pretenders are slowly starting to take shape but injuries always play a role in how things shake up. The emergence of unknown stars is inevitable. So as players fall to the wayside the next man up may prove to be more than capable. Many great matchups are on the cards so without further ado the picks for Week 4!


Week 4

Ravens 17 Steelers 27

Jets 17 Dolphins 23

Jaguars 14 Colts 30

Giants 20 Bills 30

Panthers 22 Buccaneers 14

Eagles 38 Redskins 20

Raiders 28 Bears 10

Texans 14 Falcons 28

Chiefs 20 Bengals 23

Browns 12 Chargers 20

Packers 38 49ers 18

Rams 15 Cardinals 32

Vikings 24 Broncos 45

Cowboys 17 Saints 10

Lions 18 Seahawks 28

Teams On Bye: Patriots, Titans


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