BoSo’s NFL Week 7 Fresh Picks

I took a little hiatus for personal reasons but now I will be back each and every week for Freshtake’s fresh picks for the week in the NFL. Through 6 weeks in the NFL 5 unbeaten teams remain. The Bengals, Packers, Patriots, Panthers, and Broncos. Will Week 7 see one or all of these juggernauts go down? Stay tuned to find out as the soap opera that is the NFL unravels. It is important to note that 4 of the 5 teams are prospering from excellent MVPesque quarterback play. Rodgers, Brady, Dalton. and Newton have all been playing at an elite level week in and week out. A surprising occurrence but it is the Broncos defense that has uplifted the team not the legendary Peyton Manning. Father time definitely is chasing Peyton but will Peyton’s 5.5 speed be enough to evade it? Important to note Broncos and Packers are on a Bye this week. We shall see. Now for the picks for Week 7!


Week 7

Seahawks 14 49ers 10

Bills 20 Jaguars 23

Buccaneers 24 Redskins 17

Falcons 40 Titans 20

Saints 27 Colts 30

Vikings 17 Lions 30

Steelers 30 Chiefs 20

Browns 21 Rams 24

Texans 20 Dolphins 35

Jets 17 Patriots 35

Raiders 24 Chargers 27

Cowboys 20 Giants 28

Eagles 14 Panthers 27

Ravens 25 Cardinals 20


Bold Predictions for Week 7: Ryan Tannehill will throw for 400 yards and 4 TDS. Todd Gurley will rush for 150 yards and 3 TDS. Cam Newton throws for 300 yards.


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