Black Roses

Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls claimed victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder Thursday night and topped off what has been a rocky start for Chi-city in the early stages of the NBA season.  Rose has been a real problem on and off the court and as always the city’s championship hopes bloom or dies on his health.

Rose got back in rhythm in this game going for 29 points, 7 assists, and 5 rebounds on 12 of 25 shooting.  He reminded an anime head like me why I used to call him Senbonzakura, but he will need more games like this if he wants to undo the mess he has made.

Rose made comments before the season started about the free agency period two years down the road and they were not well received by Bulls fans.  This in culmination with his appearance to give up in game 6 of their playoff series against the Cavaliers have made people begin to question his work ethic and toughen

Chicago is in for more ups and downs than a professional bull rider this season as new head coach Fred Hoidberg implement a meaningless offense and rotation that simply won’t work as the season grinds on.  I’m not saying that it wasn’t time for a change from Tom Thibodeau but if you are going to throw away a coach who made his team competitive despite the many injuries then don’t bring in someone who we all know can’t get the job done.  I mean this dude benched Joakim Noah for Nikola Mirotic?

There is one thing that can bring this wild bull back into the stable and that is true teamwork.  Rose has to make full use of the weapons around him as a true point guard.  Instead of using his athleticism to create his own shot he will have to create for others.  Jimmy Butler can drop 30, Pau Gasol can still support you on the high and low block, Mirotic can shoot his way into the box score, and Taj Gibson gives you a nice punch of emotion when he gets going.  This is a point guard driven league so Rose needs to use the tools bestowed to him to take the Bulls to the final level.  Before the injury he was my favorite player and maybe that is why I still believe he can lead these Bulls to the promise land.


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