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Fresh Take Sports 2015 NFL Mock Draft

Every year there are hundreds of mock drafts that pretty much list the best player available and assign them to the next team. This mock draft will be purely based on team needs and reports on what and who they’re going after. I included trade talk because that’s also a big part of the real life magic. Continue reading Fresh Take Sports 2015 NFL Mock Draft

Hawks vs Nets Game 2 Recap

Hawks Win… Barely.

We start in the fourth quarter…

Let me preface this by saying, I am not a fan of third quarters. Unless something dramatic happens, I just personally don’t feel that you learn a lot in them. It’s the most “status quo” of the four stanzas. The first 3 minutes are teams trying to establish whatever good word the coach put in the ear at the half and the final 9 usually play out where the team bide time til the fireworks show that is the Fourth Quarter. Continue reading Hawks vs Nets Game 2 Recap

Hawks At The Half…

With the first half in the books, the main key point is that Atlanta has to make shots. When the Hawks are making their open looks Brooklyn doesn’t stand a chance. DeMarre Carroll scored 0 points in the half despite a bevy of good looks.  I look for him to rebound and have a strong second half. Here is what else we saw:

  1. Jarrett Jack channeling his inner Chris Paul

-The Nets can their only being 3 points behind almost entirely to Jack who poured in 16.

  1. Keep finding Korver!

– Hawks went a four minute stretch in the 2nd quarter without putting the ball in the net, a Korver bomb was able to break that streak and lift the crowd.

  1. Break the Nets spirit.

– A common theme in these Games 2’s has been the team down 1-0 has come out for blood in the second game, each time the home team has been able to step on the road teams throatby the 4th, Hawks should be no different.

Enjoy the rest of the game!

A Few Key Points on The Hawks Game Tonight (7pm on NBATV)

    1.  Ride Kyle Korver.

  • With Milsap and Horford fighting through injuries, this should be one of those rare nights where Kyle takes 15+ shots.
  1. Control the Tempo.

  • Its going to be imperative that Jeff Teague and Dennis Schroder run the Brooklyn old heads out of the gym. Lets get some rest for the banged up guys in the fouth tonight!
  1. No need to double Brook Lopez, but deny deny DENY!

  • My biggest take away from game one of the series is that Brook Lopez is a large dude. We have no answer for that size, fortunately for us we don’t have to. The Nets Selfish one-on-one style of play hurts them because all the iso-Joe’s and Jarrett Jack “I got this” plays mean less shots for the best player on their team. Brook finished last game with 7 shot, of which he hit 6. While I don’t think he has the ticker to win a playoff game on the road by himself, I don’t want to find out.


-Somebody shut up Lionel Hollins! Go Hawks!!!

We will check back in at the half to see what the Hawks are doing right and wrong.

– Glass

Fresh Take Zone with Rahmad Hawkins

Yes it is that time. Time for the Final Four. Two 40 minute games away from crowning a champion. My question to you is are the UK team a lock that can be taken down or do they have this tournament sealed up in the vault? Let’s get it started,  welcome to the Fresh Take Zone with yours truly Rahmad Hawkins. Continue reading Fresh Take Zone with Rahmad Hawkins

Fresh Take Zone with Rahmad Hawkins

It is Monday March 23rd and welcome back to the Fresh Take  Zone with yours truly Rahmad Hawkins.

March is winding down, the NCAA tournament is unfolding and there is one thing on my mind…the NBA playoffs. With all the excitement and success of the elite teams the question for Atlanta basketball fans that i pose is would you bet on The Hawks to go deep into the playoffs? Continue reading Fresh Take Zone with Rahmad Hawkins

Talkin’ Football: The Offseason, Part 1

It’s only been a week and a half since the end of the NFL season; and already we have two teams being investigated, another team facing punishment, and two players that may or may not deserve to be playing in 2015. It’s about time we get back to Talkin’ Football.

(The following is a conversation between Fresh Take Sports founder, Mykhal Glass, and the Editor-in-Chief.) Continue reading Talkin’ Football: The Offseason, Part 1