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Black Roses

Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls claimed victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder Thursday night and topped off what has been a rocky start for Chi-city in the early stages of the NBA season.  Rose has been a real problem on and off the court and as always the city’s championship hopes bloom or dies on his health.

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“It Ain’t Over ’til its Over”

Baseball lost a titan and true pioneer of the game this week with the death of Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra. No I’m not talking about the lovable bear.  The legendary Yankee won a whopping 10 World Series for the prestigious New York Yankees and really made the franchise the stable powerhouse that it is alongside Joe DiMaggio. I have no doubt that the city of New York will immortalize the man who brought so much to the plate, field, and life.

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Super Stupor Profile: Cleveland Cavaliers

2015 is the year of the super team: a collection of talent and star players that should dominate the competition.  The NBA doesn’t have a high volume of superstars anymore and the few superstars remaining can no longer elevate their team to a chip by themselves so they must band together to get it done.  Man I miss the 90s……  Anyway what is supposed to happen when these super teams come together and have things blow up in their face?  I mean I can’t even tell if the two guys above are on the same team.

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Russell Westbrook seems to have this invincibility about him.  He has got a second gear no one can attain but lately his body has been letting him down.  Westbrook has fought through a lengthy stint of injuries that keeps the most entertaining player to watch on the sidelines for the better part of the last two seasons.  OKC was so horrible without their two superstars that Coach Brooks had to free the beast or get left in the dust of the Wild Wild West.  And what better team is there to come back to the game than the stinky New York Knicks.

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AFC Wild West Preview: Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos were sent galloping out of the Super Bowl and into the offseason.  What did the Seattle Seahawks do to make a bunch of grown men look like absolute punks?  I think I might have an idea, but the past is the past and no one wants redemption more than Peyton Manning.  The greatest quarterback on Earth will be gunning for another trip back to the big game but will they even make it out of the West?

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Sappy Love

My Hawks never get any love and once again they manage to have a quiet little off-season without making the splash that Chicago, Cleveland and New York did besides the mistake of letting Louis Williams go.  That is why I’m proud to say that Atlanta Hawks’ starting power forward Paul Millsap has been invited to workout for Team USA. Continue reading Sappy Love

Home Is Where the Cash Is

Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James had all of basketball in the palm of their hands in this summer’s free agency.  Among all the rumors of them joining forces and phony images of Bron and Melo in your team’s jersey; both decided to surprise us by taking different paths with the same reasoning and results. Continue reading Home Is Where the Cash Is