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Hawks vs Nets Game 2 Recap

Hawks Win… Barely.

We start in the fourth quarter…

Let me preface this by saying, I am not a fan of third quarters. Unless something dramatic happens, I just personally don’t feel that you learn a lot in them. It’s the most “status quo” of the four stanzas. The first 3 minutes are teams trying to establish whatever good word the coach put in the ear at the half and the final 9 usually play out where the team bide time til the fireworks show that is the Fourth Quarter. Continue reading Hawks vs Nets Game 2 Recap

Hawks At The Half…

With the first half in the books, the main key point is that Atlanta has to make shots. When the Hawks are making their open looks Brooklyn doesn’t stand a chance. DeMarre Carroll scored 0 points in the half despite a bevy of good looks.  I look for him to rebound and have a strong second half. Here is what else we saw:

  1. Jarrett Jack channeling his inner Chris Paul

-The Nets can their only being 3 points behind almost entirely to Jack who poured in 16.

  1. Keep finding Korver!

– Hawks went a four minute stretch in the 2nd quarter without putting the ball in the net, a Korver bomb was able to break that streak and lift the crowd.

  1. Break the Nets spirit.

– A common theme in these Games 2’s has been the team down 1-0 has come out for blood in the second game, each time the home team has been able to step on the road teams throatby the 4th, Hawks should be no different.

Enjoy the rest of the game!

A Few Key Points on The Hawks Game Tonight (7pm on NBATV)

    1.  Ride Kyle Korver.

  • With Milsap and Horford fighting through injuries, this should be one of those rare nights where Kyle takes 15+ shots.
  1. Control the Tempo.

  • Its going to be imperative that Jeff Teague and Dennis Schroder run the Brooklyn old heads out of the gym. Lets get some rest for the banged up guys in the fouth tonight!
  1. No need to double Brook Lopez, but deny deny DENY!

  • My biggest take away from game one of the series is that Brook Lopez is a large dude. We have no answer for that size, fortunately for us we don’t have to. The Nets Selfish one-on-one style of play hurts them because all the iso-Joe’s and Jarrett Jack “I got this” plays mean less shots for the best player on their team. Brook finished last game with 7 shot, of which he hit 6. While I don’t think he has the ticker to win a playoff game on the road by himself, I don’t want to find out.


-Somebody shut up Lionel Hollins! Go Hawks!!!

We will check back in at the half to see what the Hawks are doing right and wrong.

– Glass

We Need Jesus!

The Atlanta Hawks need Ray Allen AKA Jesus Shuttlesworth. That isn’t to say that this team is in some way lacking the merit necessary to make it far in the playoffs, or that he is some how the missing link. In all honesty with the amount of NBA action he has already missed and the time it would take him to acquiesce to the team and round himself into NBA shape I’d venture to say Ray-Ray would only be playing about 12-15 minutes a night making him in essence the upgrade for Shelvin Mack. Fortunately that isn’t the reason we need Ray, for us he would serve a much greater purpose. He’d make us matter.

Ray has narrowed his finalist for teams he’d play for to seven much like what high school kids just did in the spectacle that is National Signing Day. Also like the teenagers his actions are much akin to, his list compiles only of the “who’s – who” in the NBA: Cleveland with LeBron, a Return to Miami, the lights of LA, Chicago, defending champ San Antonio, Washington with former Ubuntu brother Paul Pierce, West leading Golden State to become the “Splash-Father” and Atlanta. The fact that the ATL is even mentioned shows a shift in the paradigm of the NBA Free Agent destination landscape. Imagine how it would be perceived by the outside basketball world if a 2 time Champion deems his best chance to piggyback another ring is in the “Shoe-Modeling” Capital of the world. This could be the push other high profile FA’s need to take Atlanta’s pitch more seriously.

In the past Atlanta has been a destination of athlete’s in the off-season, a place to relax before flying back out to their real job of trying to win a title. The highest profile free agent the Hawks have gotten to this point in their history is Paul Milsap who came in so under the radar that Atlanta was able to snag him for a mere 18 million over 2 years. It’s awesome that he becoming such a rousing success is part of the reason that ATL now has such a high Q-Rating.

In the past players could point to organizational turmoil, bad coaching, and a crappy fan base as reasons not to sign with Atlanta. This year the trickle-down effect has been in full force and this organization has been as steady handed and focus as I’ve ever seen in my 23 years of fandom and the crowds are following suit with raucous sell outs every night in each of the most recent home games. Now imagine what the city that introduced the world to “Freak-Nik” would look like hosting a championship parade.



– Glass

Talkin’ Football: The NFL Coaching Carousel Part 1

Jets fire Rex Ryan, Bears fire Marc Trestman, and our hometown Falcons lets Mike Smith go. All justified. (Yep, we’re talkin’ football.)

The following is a conversation between Fresh Take Sports founder, Mykhal Glass, and the Editor-in-Chief.

Continue reading Talkin’ Football: The NFL Coaching Carousel Part 1


I understand the outrage that is bubbling up over the continual dropping of Florida State by the selection committee in the college football rankings. It seems that every week they fall just a bit further even though the fighting Jimbo’s are 25-0 with Jameis Winston under center. The Committee has cited that it’s for “football” reasons but that doesn’t make sense because I thought the ultimate goal in football as to – Al Davis poetically put it – “just win baby” and they have done plenty of that. No, this is clearly about the cloud of off the field transgressions that have surrounded the program and most notably its star QB Infamous Jameis.

I just wish the committee would just flat out say that’s the reason instead of pissing on our head and telling us that its rain, no body appreciates that, well almost nobody. We would definitely respect them more, for the honesty, but that is a story for a different day. Upon glancing at the penultimate ranking my first thought was, “Wow… this makes sense.”

The one and two seeds in the playoff were the gimmes, Oregon and Alabama have proven to be the top dawgs in the nation’s two top conferences. It appears that the selection committee used the the remaining two spots to slot teams in geographically. This may all have been completely inadvertent seeing as the entire CFB landscape seems to give two shits about the hard work Sacajawea and York put in.[1] I’m going to give the committee the benefit of the doubt here though. They are smart people, this seems like something smart people would do.

Oh, what a glorious playoff this would be lalalala!
Oh, what a glorious playoff this would be lalalala!

Just take a look at the bracket and think about it geographically.  The team from Texas is playing a team from Oregon in California and The team from Alabama is playing The team from Florida in Louisiana. Genius! The question I suppose that comes into play is how fair is it for Florida State to have to play big bad Alabama first.[2] My question is how much of an advantage would it really be to have to travel across the continent to play Oregon in there geographic backyard? I suspect not much. The only ones who would find this scenario advantageous  would be to NFL GM’s who would get to see first hand the top two QB’s they’ll will be picking apart in the coming months go head to head. A wish that is still possible with the title game.

Over the course of this season, people have continually questioned “Has Florida Stated looked like one of the four best teams in the country?” The PC answer is a resounding “Meh.” The real answer is that college football isn’t a beauty pageant and a defending national champion who goes undefeated in the following season not only deserves a spot at the table but they should be feared. This team is mentally tough and Jameis has shown all season he knack for diving deep beyond his depths into the ocean, but coming always coming up with crab legs when it matters.[3]

The season for the most part has played out and through the many ups and downs, it has managed to put the best QB in America against the most stiffing defense and the defending champs against the best team. The selection committee’s decision isn’t final yet but if everything goes according to plan we should be in for hell of a treat.

– Glass






1. Sacajawea and York accompanied Lewis and Clark on their expedition to find the west. History lesson kids!Up

2. To those people I giggle. life isnt fair, get over it.Up

3. Yes Farrell, I am proud of that one.Up

I Still Believe in Cliff Huxtable…

Man is evil. Man is wicked. Man is fallible beyond belief. Cliff Huxtable isn’t a man, he is an ethic, an ideal image of the perfect father, husband, brother, friend that we’d all like to believe that we either are or one day can become.

Rembert Browne mentioned in a great piece for Grantland “That’s the great trick of naming the show The Cosby Show, even though there are no Cosby’s in it. It provided Bill with the much-needed mask of Cliff.” Continue reading I Still Believe in Cliff Huxtable…