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The New Kid On The Block: Adrien Broner

Floyd Money Mayweather is set to ride into the sunset unbeaten with an impressive record of 48-0. So with has eventual retirement just over the horizon boxing will need a new poster boy to revolutionize the sport. Next in line appears to be the all to charismatic Adrien Broner. He is unlike any boxer because he is belligerently cocky, flamboyant, and is a seasoned trash talker. Adrien Broner also known as About Billions, keeps fans and even youtube viewers thoroughly entertained with his wild antics, witty word play, and the lavish way he lives his life. His documentary A Day In The Life, 2 Days, and About Billions is a look into Broner’s life and how the boxer conducts himself from day to day. Broner does rub many the wrong way cause I doubt humility is a word in his vocabulary, but Broner definitely talks the talk and walks the walk in scintillating fashion. His demeanor is similar to Muhammad Ali as far as color commentary he provides fans and even how he handles business in the ring.

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The Eve Of The Fight Of The Century

Music To Amp the Epic Clash

The fight of the century is finally upon us. I never thought it was going to happen. Flash forward after all the delays, hiccups, ducking, and dodging the fight that boxing desperately needed is less than 40 hours from becoming a major event in American history. This fight is sure to be remembered for years no matter what the outcome. For whatever reason I expect a lot of controversy to coincide with the clash. The terms of the contract both fighters agreed to is that Mayweather will receive 60% of the purse and Pacquiao will receive the remaining 40%. The contract discrepancy was a contributing factor to stalling the fight the first time around in Money team status indeed!!! Floyd is definitely making out like a bandit is the contract payout was part of the reason why this fight took so long to come to fruition. Both fighters are about to make boxing history and literally break the bank. Mayweather is projected to make about 160 million from this fight and Pacquiao is projected to make 110 million from the fight. The expected grand total for the two is 270 million dollars! Some countries don’t even generate that much GDP in a calendar year.

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Will Mayweather & Pacquiao Revive Boxing Or Will MMA Make Boxing Tapout!

The world of sports is forever changing especially with social media directly impacting the news and bringing fans a bit closer to the personalities they adore and root for. One thing is on the steady decline, and that is the sport of boxing. I can’t recall in the past 10 years any other champion other than Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. I don’t exactly live under a rock either. The fact of the matter is boxing is losing it’s mystique it once had before the turn of the millennium. I remember when all my friends and family use to pay 60 bucks for a main event. It was a must see! If come Monday you didn’t see how Iron Mike KO’d Frank Bruno for the belt then just know come lunchtime you might as well sit with the “dweebs” and discuss the flaws of the periodic table.

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