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BoSo’s Official Freshtake Fantasy Forecast (Week 3)

After two weeks of exciting NFL action I am sure their are players that make you want to dougie and those who make you want to bang your head against some concrete. Worry not my friends BoSo is here to give you advice based on the trends occurring so far in the NFL. For those of you who own Jamaal Charles or Adrian Peterson (bangs head on keyboard) life just got hellacious. I’m sure you drafted these two guys in the 1st round and at worst 3rd which would be a steal in retrospect. You got to get value back from your high draft pick. With running backs it is somewhat easier because you just plug in the handcuff (their backup) and hope they can breakout. Luckily both of these players backups have performed admirably and have found the endzone more times than the big names. Matt Asiata and Knile Davis should be where you should look first. If you have an injured reserve spot put Adrian Peterson their for sure. Don’t ASSume he is done for the year. His situation is a lot different than Ray Rice’s until the legal process runs its course or a tape leaks of Adrian whooping his son. Much like Josh Gordon, Peterson is worth hording. Long term it could prove to be the difference between winning and losing. Imagine AP running completely fresh against a defense that is 11 weeks into the season.

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Fantasy Bias & Genius Opinions: A Scientific Intuition

A genius can be described as a person who is intellectually superior when compared to his or her peers. Over the years many great men have claimed the title of genius, and today, I too will claim that title by making some amazing predictions for this upcoming NFL season.

Smart fantasy owners usually draft according to ‘VBD’ or value based drafting, but who determines this value? Most websites use computerized algorithms to statistically rank players without human bias. However any fantasy pro should realize personal bias can potentially be their best friend… especially if they’re a genius.


In 2011 Cam Newton was barley ranked in fantasy circles, he went undrafted in most leagues and had one of the best fantasy Seasons in history

Pre-draft rankings have to be taken with a grain of salt, especially after the 10th and 11th rounds, depending on your NFL knowledge you might want to start reaching for your favorite players at that point in the draft. If you have a strong feeling about player “X” but he is ranked 15 spots lower than player “Y” do not bet against your own intuition. Numerous times I see fantasy owners pass on ‘their’ guy, just to later scream out expletives when someone else in the draft room reaches for that same player.

Always remember that the computer can only predict so much, so never feel compelled to blindly follow the CPU ranking. If you are truly a genius then your own personal bias can lead you to success. So without further delay lets look at my top 3 under valued NFL players who will surprise fantasy fans in 2014.

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BoSo’s Official FRESHTAKE Fantasy Forecast

It is that time of year again, football is upon us and with that we got to take credit for the players hard work somehow. The belief that we knew while we were sitting on the couch eating cheeseburgers and throwing back Peppermint Schnapps our favorite players, for whatever reason, were hitting the weights, film room, and practice field hard as hell. Shoot since I drafted you Calvin Johnson aka Megatron or whatever I choose to call you I was with you shooting in the gym. The folklore that follows Fantasy Football is very fascinating. Days, weekends, even marriages can be ruined on any given week during the NFL season. Now I will enlighten those prepping for their leagues the top 10 performers in each skill position I feel will help you get to that “paydirt!” Bear in mind real life situations and injury can greatly alter these projections. Continue reading BoSo’s Official FRESHTAKE Fantasy Forecast