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“It Ain’t Over ’til its Over”

Baseball lost a titan and true pioneer of the game this week with the death of Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra. No I’m not talking about the lovable bear.  The legendary Yankee won a whopping 10 World Series for the prestigious New York Yankees and really made the franchise the stable powerhouse that it is alongside Joe DiMaggio. I have no doubt that the city of New York will immortalize the man who brought so much to the plate, field, and life.

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Johnny Football: Saving his “Money”

While at Texas A.M University, Johnny Manziel was a straight stud. Standing out against his competition, scrambling for huge chunks of yards, throwing beautiful passes to Mike Evans. He was truly a dominant force, and regardless of his height he was definitely the biggest man on campus. Confident on the field, braggadocios in his post game interviews, Johnny Football displayed the type of showmanship you’d expect from a young Deon Sanders. However after a disappointing rookie season, Johnny Manziel seems to be turning a new leaf.

This upcoming football season may very well shape Johnny Manziel as professional, but will giving up his ‘money celebration’ be enough to save his career?

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Fresh Take Sports 2015 NFL Mock Draft

Every year there are hundreds of mock drafts that pretty much list the best player available and assign them to the next team. This mock draft will be purely based on team needs and reports on what and who they’re going after. I included trade talk because that’s also a big part of the real life magic. Continue reading Fresh Take Sports 2015 NFL Mock Draft

March Madness!!!!

It is that time of year again. Spring is upon us so you know everyone is excited at the sight of bright sunny skies and sandy beaches. With all those wonderful things comes March Madness!!!! The craziest time of the year! With the spring equinox coming nearer and amazing shopping deals drawing people out of their homes as well as numerous recreation activities now becoming accessible. College Basketball provides hoop fans as well as sports fans the ability to predict the outcome of the NCAA tournament. Over the years the popularity of the tournament challenges has put Americans and even people across the globe into a frenzy. Many stars of today used this national platform to hone their skills and apprentice their competitive prowess. Stars such as Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan, Anthony Davis, and Chris Paul helped to make a name for themselves during the prestigious tourney. Usually the tournament has a good bit of surprises with “Davids” usually cloning themselves to kill off the Goliath’s in the field. Given the way America came to be I see why people in America love to see the underdog excel beyond expectations. The emotion and passion the tournament exudes just creates a lingering mystique that makes it fun to fill out your bracket and literally try to predict the MADNESS. This year will be no different I’m sure. Since there is an undefeated Kentucky team that former NBA and current SMU coach says can make the NBA Playoffs if in the league. It makes for some interesting brackets and could lead to a lot of brackets being busted by a Cinderella in search of her glass slipper. -BoSo

What it means to the lads


Super Stupor Profile: Cleveland Cavaliers

2015 is the year of the super team: a collection of talent and star players that should dominate the competition.  The NBA doesn’t have a high volume of superstars anymore and the few superstars remaining can no longer elevate their team to a chip by themselves so they must band together to get it done.  Man I miss the 90s……  Anyway what is supposed to happen when these super teams come together and have things blow up in their face?  I mean I can’t even tell if the two guys above are on the same team.

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BoSo’s NFL Fresh Picks Wildcard Edition

The NFL season has come to a close and it is quite clear about the teams that will be fighting for the Lombardi trophy. After a grueling season these 12 teams will have to face the demon that training camp created and realize all that blood, sweat, & tears was worth the hassle of being crowned champion of the sport they love. The top 4 seeds earn a bye week as the other 8 teams will try to advance on to the divisional playoff. The Seahawks, Packers, Broncos, & Patriots will await the winners of this wildcard weekend. The big question facing “America’s Team” is will Tony Romo be able to compose himself and deliver a solid playoff performance where he doesn’t “Plaxico” the team with an ill timed error. If you ask me the New England Patriots are more fitting of that moniker. Now for my picks for the Wildcard edition of the NFL.

NFC Wildcard

Cardinals 20 Panthers 16

Cowboys 24 Lions 21

AFC Wildcard

Ravens 28 Steelers 21

Colts 20 Bengals 27

Bold Predictions Of The Week: Ryan Lindley will go Cardale Jones on the Panthers. Throw for 250 yards & 3TDs. Lindley is the Cardinals 3rd QB on the depth chart. Be prepared to see a pouty Cam Newton at the podium. Jeremy Hill will rush for 200 yards & 2 TDs. No Le’Veon No problem Steve Smith Sr. goes for a 140 yards & a TD.

Talkin’ Football: The NFL Coaching Carousel Part 1

Jets fire Rex Ryan, Bears fire Marc Trestman, and our hometown Falcons lets Mike Smith go. All justified. (Yep, we’re talkin’ football.)

The following is a conversation between Fresh Take Sports founder, Mykhal Glass, and the Editor-in-Chief.

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