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BoSo’s Week 11 NFL Fresh Picks

Hey welcome back freshtakers to another edition of BoSo’s NFL fresh picks. It is now Week 11 and every week is essential a one week playoff for the entire league cause no team is officially out of playoff contention but sometimes have made that climb to the playoffs a very daunting one. Last week was a tough one for me as I went 5-9 on my picks so we shall see if my crystal ball has been properly fine tuned. The Patriots and the Panthers are the only teams still unbeaten so we will see if either can have a perfect season, and will they chase a perfect season or rest key players for the playoffs. Now for the picks for week 11. Continue reading BoSo’s Week 11 NFL Fresh Picks

BoSo’s Week 10 NFL Fresh Picks

Hey welcome back freshtakers to another installment of the ripest fresh picks brought to you by yours truly. The season seemed like it just started yesterday, However we are already in Week 10 in the NFL. The playoff picture is starting to take shape now. The most surprising team in the NFL has to be the 6-2 Minnesota Vikings. No one would have guessed they would be neck and neck with division rivals, Green Bay at this point in the season. The Failcoons are looking like the most flawed team at 6-3 and the bye week could not have come at a better time for the Dusty Birds. Dan Quinn has shown the leadership necessary to rally the troops. Scarily enough the Falcons could easily be 2-7 so it will be interesting to see their margin of victories against under .500 teams the rest of the way. Their defense is top 5 in rushing yards allowed so that tough nose defense Quinn created in Seattle is definitely paying dividends. The Panthers, Bengals, and Patriots are the only 3 unbeatens. One team striving on defense and a multi dimensional quarterback the other having an array of talent on offense plus an underrated defense to back Uncle Tom. The Bengals are the most balanced of the unbeaten cause their offense is just as raw as their defense. Off the gridiron Greg Hardy continues to play without penalty after more evidence has surfaced about the DV (domestic violence) allegations. Players like Adrian Peterson, Josh Gordon, and Justin Blackmon definitely now seem to have leverage to appeal their sanctions with the except of AP who already completed has penalty and back to being an elite back, Without anymore delay the picks for Week 10! Continue reading BoSo’s Week 10 NFL Fresh Picks

BoSo’s NFL Week 7 Fresh Picks

I took a little hiatus for personal reasons but now I will be back each and every week for Freshtake’s fresh picks for the week in the NFL. Through 6 weeks in the NFL 5 unbeaten teams remain. The Bengals, Packers, Patriots, Panthers, and Broncos. Will Week 7 see one or all of these juggernauts go down? Stay tuned to find out as the soap opera that is the NFL unravels. It is important to note that 4 of the 5 teams are prospering from excellent MVPesque quarterback play. Rodgers, Brady, Dalton. and Newton have all been playing at an elite level week in and week out. A surprising occurrence but it is the Broncos defense that has uplifted the team not the legendary Peyton Manning. Father time definitely is chasing Peyton but will Peyton’s 5.5 speed be enough to evade it? Important to note Broncos and Packers are on a Bye this week. We shall see. Now for the picks for Week 7! Continue reading BoSo’s NFL Week 7 Fresh Picks

BoSo’S NFL Week 2 Fresh Picks

Welcome back to another edition of BoSo’s Fresh Picks for the week. Last week was a wonderful start to the NFL season and this week many interesting matchups are on the cards. Rob Gronkowski Carlos Hyde, and Julio Jones stole the show in week 1 and lead their teams to victory. Rookie QB Marcus Mariota looked like he’s been in the NFL for years and had a dominant performance over his rookie counterpart Jameis Winston. Johnny Football got some unexpected reps versus the Jets and now is the time to prove his worth. Last week I went a respectable 10-6 on my picks so we shall see if I can improve on that this week. Now for the fresh picks for Week 2!!!! Continue reading BoSo’S NFL Week 2 Fresh Picks

BoSo’s NFL Week 1 Fresh Picks

Welcome back to another year in the NFL!!!! Football is back Alas!!! The collegiate athletes did a fine job with the opening act, now it is time for the main event to take center stage!!! In an off season that saw a lot of new faces in new places it is sure to be an exciting year with plenty of twist and turns on the field as well as off it. Week 1 highlights two rookie 1st rounders starting off their careers against one another. QB Mariota vs QB Winston in what is sure to be an exciting match-up versus two of the upcoming stars in the league. I feel Mariota is light-years better than Jameis so that is a spoiler alert for that game. Peyton Manning is more than likely about to step away from the game after this season so we can see if he can go out like his boss John Elway, who defeated my beloved Dirty Birds in Miami. How ever this story ends Mr. Manning provided us with many memories, and he has always been a model citizen for the youngsters to replicate. Without further ado the picks for Week 1 in the National Football League! Continue reading BoSo’s NFL Week 1 Fresh Picks

BoSo’s NFL Playoff Fresh Overview and Predictions

Welcome back freshtakers the playoffs are here and the games mean the world and more at this stage. 8 teams will fight for a chance at the Superbowl and only one can call themselves champion! at season’s end. Who will be punching in that ticket to Disney World?! 2 of the last 3 super bowl champions are a part of the Divisional playoffs and as well as the last participant in Super Bowl 48. All the chips are on the table and every possession, play call, and tackle will be the difference between pure agony and nostalgic joy. Here are my predictions for the divisional playoffs & beyond. Continue reading BoSo’s NFL Playoff Fresh Overview and Predictions

BoSo’s NFL Fresh Picks Wildcard Edition

The NFL season has come to a close and it is quite clear about the teams that will be fighting for the Lombardi trophy. After a grueling season these 12 teams will have to face the demon that training camp created and realize all that blood, sweat, & tears was worth the hassle of being crowned champion of the sport they love. The top 4 seeds earn a bye week as the other 8 teams will try to advance on to the divisional playoff. The Seahawks, Packers, Broncos, & Patriots will await the winners of this wildcard weekend. The big question facing “America’s Team” is will Tony Romo be able to compose himself and deliver a solid playoff performance where he doesn’t “Plaxico” the team with an ill timed error. If you ask me the New England Patriots are more fitting of that moniker. Now for my picks for the Wildcard edition of the NFL.

NFC Wildcard

Cardinals 20 Panthers 16

Cowboys 24 Lions 21

AFC Wildcard

Ravens 28 Steelers 21

Colts 20 Bengals 27

Bold Predictions Of The Week: Ryan Lindley will go Cardale Jones on the Panthers. Throw for 250 yards & 3TDs. Lindley is the Cardinals 3rd QB on the depth chart. Be prepared to see a pouty Cam Newton at the podium. Jeremy Hill will rush for 200 yards & 2 TDs. No Le’Veon No problem Steve Smith Sr. goes for a 140 yards & a TD.