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Freshtake Artist To Watch: Troy Ave


Roland Collins better known as Troy Ave is a hot new rapper on the rise. How long he lasts will be up to him but the kid definitely has the JUICE. Collins was born in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn New York. His first studio album was released in 2013 entitled New York City. It debuted at number 47 on the US billboards. After hearing some tracks Troy Ave released I can tell you this artist his the lyrical skill and the charisma to be a top player in the rap game for years to come. -BoSo

FAR: Freshtake Artist Recap Dolla

“Closer to My Dreams” by Dolla and I must say his version is harder than Drake’s.

Just chilling with my cousin over the holidays I heard a song that really moved me and made think who is this guy and when I heard Dolla “I was like word he’s spitting like this.” Sure enough he was. For those of you who don’t know Dolla died in 2009 at the tender age of 22. Roderick Anthony Burton II better known by his stage name Dolla was shot to death at a valet stand in Los Angeles on May 18, 2009 by Aubrey Louis Berry. The two had had an altercation 11 days before Burton’s death at an Atlanta night club where Berry was beaten by Burton and his entourage. Dolla grew up in Decatur, Georgia and was in L.A. to finish singles for his debut album. It is a shame a young talent made some poor decisions and things got way too real. Why young men feel the need to tote gats and act “hard” really is disturbing so hopefully slowly but surely a change can occur so great talents like Dolla will not pass prematurely. -BoSo



Freshtake Artists To Watch: Battle Rapper Iron Solomon

I’ve always respected rappers that can flow off the top of the dome without anything written or a teleprompter. It’s cool if you can perform a hot track but a lot of credit must be given to an individual that can masterfully improv poetry in a way that is so witty, clever, and hip. When you take a gander at Iron Solomon, freestyle rapper is not the first thing that would spring to mind. I’m thinking more along the line of pastry chef or plumber. Iron Solomon is white and jewish, but I must say next to Marshall Mathers aka Eminem Iron Solomon is Kevin Durant. I can’t put into words his lyrical prowess but I’ll shall just put young guys on. As some who follow freestyle rappers know Murda Mook and Iron Solomon have been fighting for the crown for years but never faced off until 2 years ago much to my surprise. A Mayweather versus Pacquiao type of clash with two MCs that can flow like a river. I present to you the lyricist that is Iron Solomon. -BoSo Continue reading Freshtake Artists To Watch: Battle Rapper Iron Solomon

Freshtake Artists to Watch! Konu

I was once again surfing the web for some new music and came across some soulful island music from an artist named Konu. He sounds like a good mix of Matisyahu and Ziggy Marley. So when I tried to research further into this wonderful artist I could find little information about the simplest of facts like his real name, birthday, place of birth, etc. All I can gather is he makes great music and he may originate from an island in Hawaii. His last album was released in 2007 titled Coco Shack. He is believed to be working on another album but know release date has been set nor no tracks confirmed. I hope guys enjoy the soothing sound of Konu amid the chaos our nation is experiencing. -BoSo