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Weekly Pick ’ems

Welcome back to the Fresh Take Zone!!! We are on to Week 2 and I am not going to brag but… I told you so. In Week 1, it was a big game for the Falcons. Both the Falcons and Saints played exactly as I expected them to; but in the end the Falcons had more to lose if they did not pull out the win and they finally came through in the clutch. I also predicted the Broncos would come out and show the world that they caught amnesia after the Super Bowl. The Seattle Seahawks and their defense did not let me down. Last but not least, the Cowboys were the Cowboys as I stated Tony would be Tony as in Tony Romo.

We are here for week 2 with some interesting games. The three games that caught my interest were Detroit vs. Carolina, Atlanta vs. Cincinnati and Chicago vs. San Francisco. Continue reading Weekly Pick ’ems

Rahmad Hawkins’ Locks of the Week!

It’s time to kick off this new NFL season the right way, here with me, Rahmad Hawkins, in #TheFreshTakeZone. We are going to start it off with my predictions for the four best games, in my opinion, of Week 1. Prior to me doing so, I must say that after the way the Super Bowl played out I would not be surprised if the Seahawks repeated. I had to throw that in there for the 12th man. I am looking forward to seeing Johnny Football in action as well as the Giants. Believe it or not but they are due for one of those magical runs that they have every few years. There is so much anticipation for all of the hard hitting games, the spectacular plays and the big upsets. I will be your host this season right here and only here at Fresh Take Sports. Let the festivities begin. Continue reading Rahmad Hawkins’ Locks of the Week!