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Prospect Watch: Emmanuel Mudiay

“Damn Homie, in High School You was The Man, Homie” –50cent

After being the number 1 prospect in the country as a high school senior, Emmanuel Mudiay is getting 50cent returns on his Chinese investment.  A lot has changed since his decision to forgo college, some GM’s may look at his decision as an indictment on his character. Others, may have questions concerning his skills, but even though Mudiay chose the road less traveled, its obvious that he picked up great experience along the way.

Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown comparing Russell to Mudiay:

“Emmanuel is a point guard, I don’t think D’Angelo Russell is a point guard,” he said. “But I think D’Angelo Russell is a great player. He can pass the hell out of the ball, he can shoot it with range. I don’t think he’ll ever be the defender that Emmanuel is and I don’t think he’ll ever run a team the way Emmanuel does but he also doesn’t need to do that the way he plays.” –Larry Brown

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New Look Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers will be updating a lot more than their roster this upcoming season. New uniforms have been released to the media and they have been met with critical acclaim by many NBA analysts. So far hoop fans have given mixed reviews over the new threads but fashionista Lance Stephenson seems to love the new look.

After losing 49 games last season, Lance Stephenson seems happy to finally be back on a playoff team. His mercurial personality is probably a better fit on the West Coast. Granted the 24hour celebrity lifestyle can serve as a distraction in Los Angeles….Boom or Bust!!!


Jersey changes  in the NBA are rarely unanimously praised, I personally still miss the old Toronto uniforms with the dinosaur on the front chest. Perhaps I’m childish, but I still think that these were THE FRESHEST uniforms in NBA history … (And this coming from a Knicks Fan)



Say what you want about the new uniforms but I think adding a black alternative road color to the traditional red,white and blue seems like a nice upgrade….However I’m not a fan of that South -Beach Miami-Vice hot pink’ish color they used in the Logo….ehh

What do you think of L.A’s new look?



Asante Samuel : Sports & Hip-Hop

Former Atlanta Falcon and All Pro defensive back Asante Samuel is getting into the rap game. He recently broke the news that (“Eighties Nation”) is officially under construction and he has big plans when it comes to signing talent from inner city communities.

“I saw it as a way to help people get out of our hood and give them jobs and a way to stay out of jail.”

Samuel says he’s got big plans for his company — and he’s taking his cues on how to grow the business from some of the biggest names in hip hop.

“Jay Z, Cash Money … I study all of them and I look up to those people.” — Asante Samuel

(courtesy Of TMZ)

Say what you want about the over saturation of mediocre talent in the music industry, but its always good to see a guy trying to be a productive member in his community. After stops in New England and Philadelphia, Atlanta probably served as an ideal place to start his business.

Asante is also reported saying that his former teammate William Moore is a beast on the microphone. He is known for free-styling in the locker room before games to hype up the Dirty Birds defensive unit. The jury might still be out on his skills, but for an athlete he is definitely better than  Shaquille O’neal.

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Nike Air Zoom Vick 2 : Coming Back This Fall


Hate him or Love him, 10 years ago Michael Vick was the man in the NFL. Regardless of his work ethic, he was by far, the most mercurial talent to ever play his position. He had a rocket arm, and he was every bit as fast as any kick returner on special teams, (including the incredible Devin Hester. )

Off the field, Nike sportswear was cashing out with Vick who had the most popular signature shoe in the NFL.  Not since the days of Bo Jackson has any NFL player had a sneaker this coveted.

The Blk/Blk/Red colorway was (and still is) a clean looking model. The Air Zoom technology and rugged rubber outsole provided a very comfortable sneaker for cross-training on and off the field.

Detailed pictures of the Nike Air Zoom Vick 2 (Falcons’)

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Johnny Football: Saving his “Money”

While at Texas A.M University, Johnny Manziel was a straight stud. Standing out against his competition, scrambling for huge chunks of yards, throwing beautiful passes to Mike Evans. He was truly a dominant force, and regardless of his height he was definitely the biggest man on campus. Confident on the field, braggadocios in his post game interviews, Johnny Football displayed the type of showmanship you’d expect from a young Deon Sanders. However after a disappointing rookie season, Johnny Manziel seems to be turning a new leaf.

This upcoming football season may very well shape Johnny Manziel as professional, but will giving up his ‘money celebration’ be enough to save his career?

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The Curse of Lil B… (part2)

A week ago we blogged about how LeBron James was overcoming the curse of Lil B. Game 3 had just ended, and the Cleveland Cavaliers were up 2-1 in the series. With LeBron averaging a 40 point triple double the curse seemed all but  broken. I mean honestly… what could possibly go wrong?

Then in game 4 the evil magic came storming into the series. The  Cavs would go on to get blown out at home, and LeBron James would go on to have arguably the worst day of his career.

How Bad Was IT???

LeBron had his head busted wide open by the same cameras that exposed his penis on National Tv….

Talk about an embarrassing ending for the “Best Player on the Planet”. The internet memes will be cruel all summer as LeBron James has now suffered back to back losses in the NBA Finals. However, I think its fair to mention that no player in the modern era has ever looked so good in a losing effort. I know it hurts LeBron, but keep your chin up, the best is yet to come.

Prospect Watch: D’Angelo Russell

In the past year no college player has climbed up the boards faster than D’Angelo Russell. Coming out of High School, Russell barely cracked the top 30 recruits in the nation, but after just one season at Ohio State, Russell has now become the best guard in the country. D’Angelo was a walking highlight reel during his freshmen year, winning the Jerry West Award after showcasing savvy ball handling and amazing passes that defy the laws of physics. The kid exudes a confidence that borders on arrogance, but does he have what it takes to keep that swagger on the next level?

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