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Unsung Hero’s: The Rise of James Rodriguez

Deep in the dark corners of the sport galaxy a star is rising with sonic speed. In the midst of Germany’s dominance, it was a young and largely unknown Colombian player who gave arguably the best individual performance in the tournament. While the entire planet was focused on the final game, James Rodriguez was focused on German striker Thomas Müller. When the final whistle blew, the Germans were cheering, but miles away the Rodriguez family watched as their pride and joy became be first Columbian to ever win the “Golden Boot”.

It is now being rumored that the International futbol giant Real Madrid is currently making a bid to acquire James from AS Monaco. The transfer to Spain has super star potential and James is more than ready for that opportunity, “I’d jump at the chance of going to Real Madrid,” Rodriguez told Spanish sports daily Marca. The future starts now for the young star who would have remained an unknown commodity if it wasn’t for Falcao’s knee injury. Just another example of why we all need to be ready for opportunity in life, oftentimes we never know when our number is going to be called, one day your on the bench, the next day your raising trophies.