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Ex Machina : Rise of the Machine

Isn’t it strange, to create something that hates you? – AVA

The rise of artificial intelligence has been a hot button topic since the days of the Cray-1 supercomputer. As we advance further into our Orwellian future, scientists will design greater and greater machines. However many scientist fear that at some point a day of reckoning approaches and the machines wage war on humanity.

Yea…I know, it sounds crazy, but science-fiction can often become regular science if left in the hands of a genius engineer. Insert “Nathan” (played by Osacar Isaac) a brilliant scientist who has masterd the ‘art’ of programming artificial intelligence. However not everyone is capable of compartmentalizing the difference between God and creation. Insert “Caleb” (played by Domhnall Gleeson) who quickly realizes the sinister nature of his boss and feels compelled to do the right thing. The only problem is figuring out what is “right”, and who is “wrong”.

Who would you trust?….Would you choose to help the sexy soul-less android or the evil genius that created her?…. Caught between a rock and a hard place Caleb finds himself in a deadly situation.

Drawing many similarities to the classic “Dr. Frankenstein” story, ExMachina is a great new age film about the dangers of playing God. If you haven’t already checked out this movie make sure you catch it on DVD later this summer.

Netflix Picks: Schooled, The Price of College Sports

Laying around the house with nothing else to do, but cycle through the never ending supply of shows and movies on Netflix? We got you covered. Here’s a little guidance on something dope that you’d enjoy


Synopsis: “A documentary that examines how college sports in America became a billion dollar enterprise built on the backs of its unpaid athletes.”

With College Football season coming up this is a great film to check out. ‘Schooled’ explores well the contradictions of the so-called amateurism, presenting a less than flattering story on the historical origins of the idea of a pure system where athletes play for the love of the game only.

The debate on whether athletes should be compensated continues to rage on this film gives an honest look on the landscape of the NCAA, with interviews from many popular sports figures and intellectuals you will definitely come away from this film having learned something no matter what side of the argument you are on.

4 ½ Star Rating on Netflix

Rhythm & Blues: Lifetime attempts to recreate Whitney Houston

I’m really breaking all the rules with this one. I’m reporting on two of my biggest pet peeves, ‘made for TV movies’ and ‘Lifetime Television for women’. I’m torn and slightly embarrassed, but nonetheless I push forward in the name of pop culture. I will not be writing this article for internet views, I’m writing this article for Rhythm & Blues, and the woman who defined it for over a decade. Continue reading Rhythm & Blues: Lifetime attempts to recreate Whitney Houston

Official Trailer for Jimi Hendrix Film Starring Andree 3000 Released.

I guess its officially official now. The film we have all been waiting for since it was first introduced to American audiences at SxSW has an official trailer! Now we may all rise for our nations anthem.


Now that piece of greatness is out of the way, back to the film.

Jimi: All is by my side is a film starring Andre Benjamin as the legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix. From all pre-screening reports 3stacks is masterful in his role and brings to life all the unique qualities that made Hendrix beloved, even capturing his unrivaled level of cool.


This film is more than a “Bio-Pic”. it tells the story of how a young black backup guitarist named Jimmy James went to England and became Jimi Hendrix.

Everyone knows the music, but few realize how the guitarist got to the Monterrey Pop Festival where he got his big break.


The film seems to focus more on the intimate side of Jimi that made the music possible than the music itself.

This is possibly because of the fight between the film company and the Hendrix estate which has largely been responsible for holding the film up.

Catch the trailer here.


Written and Directed by John Ridley Jimi: All Is by My Side hits theater September 26th.

– Glass