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Asante Samuel : Sports & Hip-Hop

Former Atlanta Falcon and All Pro defensive back Asante Samuel is getting into the rap game. He recently broke the news that (“Eighties Nation”) is officially under construction and he has big plans when it comes to signing talent from inner city communities.

“I saw it as a way to help people get out of our hood and give them jobs and a way to stay out of jail.”

Samuel says he’s got big plans for his company — and he’s taking his cues on how to grow the business from some of the biggest names in hip hop.

“Jay Z, Cash Money … I study all of them and I look up to those people.” — Asante Samuel

(courtesy Of TMZ)

Say what you want about the over saturation of mediocre talent in the music industry, but its always good to see a guy trying to be a productive member in his community. After stops in New England and Philadelphia, Atlanta probably served as an ideal place to start his business.

Asante is also reported saying that his former teammate William Moore is a beast on the microphone. He is known for free-styling in the locker room before games to hype up the Dirty Birds defensive unit. The jury might still be out on his skills, but for an athlete he is definitely better than  Shaquille O’neal.

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The Curse of Lil B… (part2)

A week ago we blogged about how LeBron James was overcoming the curse of Lil B. Game 3 had just ended, and the Cleveland Cavaliers were up 2-1 in the series. With LeBron averaging a 40 point triple double the curse seemed all but  broken. I mean honestly… what could possibly go wrong?

Then in game 4 the evil magic came storming into the series. The  Cavs would go on to get blown out at home, and LeBron James would go on to have arguably the worst day of his career.

How Bad Was IT???

LeBron had his head busted wide open by the same cameras that exposed his penis on National Tv….

Talk about an embarrassing ending for the “Best Player on the Planet”. The internet memes will be cruel all summer as LeBron James has now suffered back to back losses in the NBA Finals. However, I think its fair to mention that no player in the modern era has ever looked so good in a losing effort. I know it hurts LeBron, but keep your chin up, the best is yet to come.

The Curse of Lil B …

The Golden State Warriors last chance to win the NBA finals may rest in the hands of hip-hop celebrity Lil B. After hexing Kevin Durant with mean tweets about his lack of swag and giving James Harden the “cookin’ curse”, Lil B has now set his sights on LeBron James, but unfortunately for Warrior fans the evil power of ‘BasedGod’ seems to be having a reverse affect in the NBA finals.

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Chris Brown: Simp Or Pimp ???

Have you ever had a girlfriend you couldn’t shake out your mind? Breakups are rarely ever easy, just ask Chris Brown who was caught by paparazzi trying to get back with his ex girl, Karrueche Tran. Poor Chris, It seems he needs a role model or a big brother to tell him things like, “Its 2015, NEVER go out with a girl named ‘Tran …… Maybe that’s a low blow, but you can never be too safe these days … especially in southern California.

Caitlyn jokes aside, the first rule of the game is never follow your ex-girlfriend. Especially if your following her into a car against her will. I know heart break is tuff to crack, but you got to keep your pride Big Homie. Shake it off, and remember, your Chris “frickin” Brown, you can always pick a new Karrueche like picking socks at Wal-Mart.

Chris already knew “These hoes ain’t loyal“, which is why I’m so surprised to see him out here begging like Keith Sweat.



Swaggy Azalea

Laker guard Nick Young popped the question to Iggy Azalea on his 30th birthday a couple days ago. This courtship has been almost 2 years in the making, gaining her attention after a “Woman Crush Wednesday” tweet in 2013. Since then, Nick and Iggy have been a hot couple, ducking and dodging the paparazzi in Los Angeles. Just think, 65 years ago this would probably be an obituary article, but today the flashy jump shooter can enjoy his Angel-Food cake in peace… piece…two pieces, or even 3 pieces at a time…


Congratulations to the young couple!!! …            The (“Young”) Couple

Its been such a Swaggy summer in Hollywood, after stealing the 2nd pick in the NBA draft, maybe all this L.A. love can land the Lakers a big time free agent. Either way we wish the best for Swaggy-Azalea, here’s hoping they beat the marriage statistics, and can last the test of time.

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Freshtake Artist to Watch! Logic

I was just recently surfing the web for new artist just to see what the underground scene had to offer and I came across a diamond in the rough. His name is Logic or more fittingly Sir Robert Bryson Hall II. He certainly raps like one of Hip-Hops royals and I just had to put our loyal freshtakers on to the brilliance Logic possesses. His new album Under Pressure just dropped October 21 and trust me the kid is destined for greatness! So I can assure you that you will not be dissapointed in the least bit -BoSo

Logic’s twin… lol their parents may have some explaining to do.

Zach Lavine

We Went There! Fresh Take Sports at the Outkast #AtLast Concert

If you were in Atlanta during the final weekend of September, Centennial Park was the place to be. Good food, good weather and OUTKAST! Yes ladies and gentlemen, I said it, OutKast! The hometown heroes ended their reunion tour in the heart of Georgia with a 3 day sold out stint.

The city of Atlanta came alive this weekend for Outkast
The city of Atlanta came alive this weekend for Outkast

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