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Best or Bust? A Closer Look at the Drafts Intriguing Prospects

Draft night is less than 24 hours away and while the GMs frantically search through scouting reports to decide your favorite team’s fate for the next few years we will continue to provide our take on this magical night where dreams become reality.  So throw away those silly reports and get a fresh take on who has the best chances of making it big.

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Fresh Take Sports NBA Draft Big Board:

With the NBA draft looming we thought this would be a perfect time for our Big Board to help familiarize people with the young men that will hear their names called by commish Silver on Thursday, June 26th.

NOTE: The calling card of the Fresh Take Sports Big board will be honest and knowledgeable opinions. We’ve watched enough basketball to know that 7 foot un-athletic centers WILL NEVER be productive in the NBA, and 6’7” tweener forwards with no jumper? Nope, we will pass. History rarely lies. There are outliers in everything, but they are outliers for a reason. Our rankings will reflect that without regard to what the four letter network and other “experts” may think. What’s the motto for the Fresh Take Sports Draft Team? Don’t take the Old Maid!

  1. Andrew Wiggins
    SF (Kansas – Freshman)
    19 years old | 6’8″ | 197 lbs
2013-14 NCAA (35 GP)
  17.1PPG   5.9RPG   1.5APG   21.7PER


As a basketball analyzing public, we tend to over think things. Looking at what a player isn’t vs what he actually is to determine his worth. While Wiggins isn’t a pro-typical shooter, nor  the aggressive scorer we wish him to be, what he is is a lock down defender from day one and a tabula rasa for a good coach to mold into an offensive threat. In my opinion, Wiggins is a superstar waiting to happen. I believe in his game and can’t wait to see what he blossoms into.

  1. Jabari Parker
    SF/PF (Duke – Freshman)
    19 years old | 6’8″ | 241 lbs
2013-14 NCAA (35 GP)
  19.1PPG   8.7RPG   1.2APG   28.8PER


Jabari Parker is a scorer. He is someone who isn’t a liability on defense, and can acclimate to any role necessary for the team to win, as evident by his playing so much Center for the Blue Devils this past season. Parker has the game and temperament to be a star.


  1. Dante Exum
    PG/SG (Australian Institute of Sport – International)
    18 years old | 6’6″ | 196 lbs

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