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BoSo’s NFL Week 4 Fresh Picks

Welcome back freshtakers to another installment of Fresh Picks. So far the Contenders and pretenders are slowly starting to take shape but injuries always play a role in how things shake up. The emergence of unknown stars is inevitable. So as players fall to the wayside the next man up may prove to be more than capable. Many great matchups are on the cards so without further ado the picks for Week 4! Continue reading BoSo’s NFL Week 4 Fresh Picks

Talkin’ Football: The Offseason, Part 1

It’s only been a week and a half since the end of the NFL season; and already we have two teams being investigated, another team facing punishment, and two players that may or may not deserve to be playing in 2015. It’s about time we get back to Talkin’ Football.

(The following is a conversation between Fresh Take Sports founder, Mykhal Glass, and the Editor-in-Chief.) Continue reading Talkin’ Football: The Offseason, Part 1

Fresh Take Zone with Rahmad Hawkins

Happy New Year and welcome back to another addition of the Fresh Take Zone with yours truly Rahmad Hawkins.  It has been truly a blessing to have made it through another year and I look forward to this year.

Now back to regularly scheduled sports talk, these playoffs in the NFL and college football has been quite interesting. Who would have thought that the boys in Alabama would have been upset or that Florida State would lose in such a horrific way? Looking forward to the national championship game I’m confident in picking Oregon after what I saw against the Seminoles. Continue reading Fresh Take Zone with Rahmad Hawkins

Fresh Take Zone with Rahmad Hawkins

Back at like we never left, I am coming to you live from the Fresh Take Zone with yours truly Rahmad Hawkins and it is November 13th which just happens to be my born day. What a coincidence that it is my birthday and my original home team is playing tonight, the Buffalo Bills, even though I am not a big fan I am still rooting for the home team. Continue reading Fresh Take Zone with Rahmad Hawkins

The Fresh Take Zone with Rahmad Hawkins

Welcome to the Fresh Take Zone

Today, Thursday October 23rd, it seems like the season just began and yet the weeks in the NFL are flying by. As we embark on another Halloween coming up next week I thought that I would touch on some weird but scary topics in the NFL.

First, there is turmoil in the Seahawks locker room because, supposedly, the Super Bowl winning quarterback is Not Black Enough ??? When I heard this I was in disbelief. … How could a team that shows their superior quality on the field be in such disarray. Reportedly, Percy Harvin was the main culprit but he was recently sent to another team which shows me that anyone that affects the quarterbacks’ performance is expendable. I really hope that they can turn it around and get back to playing Seattle football. If I were a Seahawks fan, I would be a little nervous because this big mess is showing the world how unfocused the team is.

Scary topic number two is the Dallas Cowboys. …. I never thought I would see the day when the Cowboys are one of the top teams in the NFL with Tony Romo as the quarterback. As of now, yes, they are believing that this is their year, with so much failure in the past for the Cowboys maybe it is faith,  maybe it is overdue or maybe just maybe…the Cowboys will get in the playoffs, win their first game and then Tony turns into classic Romo.

Game of the Week:

Seattle Seahawks vs. Carolina Panthers

This is my game of the week for a few reasons,  Seattle is in distress internally and they need to get focused so they can stay on track moving forward. If the Seahawks drop another game there record goes down, they are going to start to lose confidence and the blame will spread like wildfire. Now,  for the Panthers it will do the exact opposite for Mr. Newton and his pack. A win for the Panthers could actually propel them to go on a win streak. If you were to ask me who needs this game more I would have to say Seattle because if they don’t win things could spiral out of control in the locker room quick.

Lastly, Peace and Love , signing off from the Fresh Take Zone where none of my writing is pre-written or planned out, I speak from my mind, heart and I speak for you; giving only organic content.



Bon Voyage to the Greatest American Soccer Player To Date.


On August 7, 2014 American soccer icon Landon Donovan made a shocking announcement that he is retiring from soccer after the current Major League Soccer season. Landon is the poster boy for American soccer and a household name. The annoucement came out of nowhere because Donovan has been in top form and his showed no signs of regression. Donovan joins tennis star Bjorn Borg, running back Barry Sanders, pitcher Sandy Koufax, running back Jim Brown, and soccer player Eric Contana as star athletes who retire “prematurely.” Running back Ricky Williams and Michael Jordan are technically apart of this group, but they couldn’t play golf forever before making their comebacks. The Los Angeles Galaxy fan’s were very disheartened to hear of Landon’s sudden retirement. At 32 years of age Donovan is at the peak of his career and seems to want to ride into the sunset as a top gun instead of a withering old dog that needs to be put to bed.

Continue reading Bon Voyage to the Greatest American Soccer Player To Date.