BoSo’s NFL Week 4 Fresh Picks

Welcome back freshtakers to another installment of Fresh Picks. So far the Contenders and pretenders are slowly starting to take shape but injuries always play a role in how things shake up. The emergence of unknown stars is inevitable. So as players fall to the wayside the next man up may prove to be more than capable. Many great matchups are on the cards so without further ado the picks for Week 4! Continue reading BoSo’s NFL Week 4 Fresh Picks

“It Ain’t Over ’til its Over”

Baseball lost a titan and true pioneer of the game this week with the death of Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra. No I’m not talking about the lovable bear.  The legendary Yankee won a whopping 10 World Series for the prestigious New York Yankees and really made the franchise the stable powerhouse that it is alongside Joe DiMaggio. I have no doubt that the city of New York will immortalize the man who brought so much to the plate, field, and life.

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The NBA Missing Out On Better Stars: High School Chronicles

The NBA use to allow high school players to declare for the draft straight out of high school during my generation. During the 2006 (year I graduated high school) NBA Draft they reverted back to the old rule without the stipulation that was once allowed before. Before 1971 a player had to be one year removed from his graduating class before he was eligible for the NBA draft. Which is essentially the rule now with the added requirement in today’s NBA that the player be at least 19 years of age. In 1971 things altered a bit thanks to the US Supreme Court decision in Haywood v. National Basketball Association. They ruled 7-2 against the NBA stating that a player can be drafted into the league out of high school if the prospect presented evidence of hardship. During this era in the NBA all players went through four years of college before entering the NBA Draft.

RIP Moses Malone

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BoSo’S NFL Week 2 Fresh Picks

Welcome back to another edition of BoSo’s Fresh Picks for the week. Last week was a wonderful start to the NFL season and this week many interesting matchups are on the cards. Rob Gronkowski Carlos Hyde, and Julio Jones stole the show in week 1 and lead their teams to victory. Rookie QB Marcus Mariota looked like he’s been in the NFL for years and had a dominant performance over his rookie counterpart Jameis Winston. Johnny Football got some unexpected reps versus the Jets and now is the time to prove his worth. Last week I went a respectable 10-6 on my picks so we shall see if I can improve on that this week. Now for the fresh picks for Week 2!!!! Continue reading BoSo’S NFL Week 2 Fresh Picks

NFL Season Predictions 2015 (BOSO)

Here are my predictions for the NFL season and looking back on last season I did pick the Patriots to win it all and finally overcome Spygate but I had no idea Deflategate was going to follow the Pats with their most recent Super Bowl Championship. So it remains to be seen if the Patriots can win a Super Bowl without any sort of controversy. Let see if I can get it right yet again!!!! Although I did have them slated to play the Falcons… In my defense I was blinded by my heart with that. Here are my predictions for the ENTIRE 2015 Season! Continue reading NFL Season Predictions 2015 (BOSO)

BoSo’s NFL Week 1 Fresh Picks

Welcome back to another year in the NFL!!!! Football is back Alas!!! The collegiate athletes did a fine job with the opening act, now it is time for the main event to take center stage!!! In an off season that saw a lot of new faces in new places it is sure to be an exciting year with plenty of twist and turns on the field as well as off it. Week 1 highlights two rookie 1st rounders starting off their careers against one another. QB Mariota vs QB Winston in what is sure to be an exciting match-up versus two of the upcoming stars in the league. I feel Mariota is light-years better than Jameis so that is a spoiler alert for that game. Peyton Manning is more than likely about to step away from the game after this season so we can see if he can go out like his boss John Elway, who defeated my beloved Dirty Birds in Miami. How ever this story ends Mr. Manning provided us with many memories, and he has always been a model citizen for the youngsters to replicate. Without further ado the picks for Week 1 in the National Football League! Continue reading BoSo’s NFL Week 1 Fresh Picks

Freshtake Artist Recap: Keith Moon

Keith Moon is an iconic drummer performing with the legendary band The Who. The group members include vocalist Roger Daltrey, bassist John Entwistle, guitarist Peter Townshend, and Mr. Moon on the drums.  The band started in 1964 in North London and were originally the Detours before turning into the band we all know and love, The Who. Keith Moon joined the band when he was sitting in on a set and proclaimed he could drum better than the session drummer. The group needed to replace former drummer Doug Sandom. When Moon took over the set; the rest was history. The group members loved his enthusiam and passion on the drums that would give them an edge to become a huge act. During Moon’s dress rehearsal he demolished the drum set in the process. This would later be his trademark for The Who. It was very rare that Keith Moon would complete a show without destroying his drums, other instruments, and the stage


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