The Curious case of Lebron James

They say history is kinder to those who are great. I’d venture to say that is purely because over time we no long drown ourselves in the minute details. That holds particularly true with the modern athlete. The modern athlete is under a 1000 meg microscope. Every move, every tweet, every late night rendezvous is being stalked by the internet world as writers and media everywhere await the opportunity to be the first to jump on a story without regard to how redundant or innocuous the story may be.

HOT SPORTS HEADLINE! Johnny Manziel hits toilet seat while pissing, more on this at the top of the hour!”

We view athletes thru a prism; one we created with rose colored lenses. We exalt our past heroes and dare our currents ones to live up to the divine red carpet that’s been rolled out. Today’s athlete can’t win; too flawed to be great and not old enough to bring about nostalgia. In truth had most any athlete of our golden age been under the type of microscope that today’s athlete is those same rose colored bifocals would have been stripped away and cast into a pit while we scream “This is Sparta!!!” No modern athlete epitomizes this struggle more than LeBron James. Continue reading The Curious case of Lebron James

Champions…Again and Again

The Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs have come through very different roads to yet another NBA Finals. The Spurs emerged from the Texas Triangle while beating well coached and feisty rival in the Dallas Mavericks in the first round of the Western Conference. The Spurs made it out in seven despite flashes of a vintage Vince Carter hitting a spectacular game winner with the potent combination of underrated scorer Monta Ellis, who averaged 20.4 ppg with 2.9 apg, and the aging Dirk Nowitzki going 19.1 ppg and 7.3 rbg, Continue reading Champions…Again and Again

World Cup Fever

The world’s largest sports spectacle is upon us again!

South Africa was very ground breaking being the first African nation to host a World Cup. The host nation did not disappoint on the pitch as well as housing the rowdiest fans in the world. The tournament marked one of the last times the incomparable Nelson Mandela was seen reppin’ the colours of Bofana Bofana (The Boys The Boys). Spain took home the coveted Jules Rimet trophy in dramatic fashion courtesy of an Andres Iniesta strike to send the Dutch home in tears.

Now a new journey awaits the players, coaches, & fans in Brazil! Continue reading World Cup Fever

Can You Hear Me Now?

Welcome back. This is Glass again, really just trying something right now. Here at Fresh Take Sports dot com, we like to include lots of media to point out our ideas. While this is really just a test to see how seamless the embedding of audio is, you can also look at this as a requiem for the great yet unsettling season the OKC Thunder, whom lost last night to the Duncan Dynasty to end their season. So without further ado Elevators. – Glass ¤