Sports Break Poll

You know those days when you want to go to a primarily sports based website with sports themes and sports banter, yet the LAST thing you want to read about is sports? Welp, have we got a section just for you! Sports Break Polls dont care about Whose better MJ or LeBron, what was the best superbowl or which was the best draft for backup punters. You know what Sports Break Poll cares about? Quentin Tarintino movies, Who has the biggest butt in sports (Trick question!… its Charles Barkley) or Who wore it best? Iverson or Kawhii Leonard (also a Trick question because neither of them grown ass men should STILL BE WEARING CORNROWS) So take a que from the Sports Break Poll and enjoying some moments of leisure… *Fast Voice* followed by hours of digesting FTSdotCOM content 🙂

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