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#HashTag Bully Season

As the Golden State Warriors battle the Cleveland Cavaliers for NBA history, Carmelo Anthony is battling the weight room, and “#BullySeason” has been his motto. Literally having the worst season of his career,  the former scoring champion is looking to RISE to new heights.

Check Out The Hops…

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Home Is Where the Cash Is

Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James had all of basketball in the palm of their hands in this summer’s free agency.  Among all the rumors of them joining forces and phony images of Bron and Melo in your team’s jersey; both decided to surprise us by taking different paths with the same reasoning and results. Continue reading Home Is Where the Cash Is

Offseason, What offseason?

Show no love, love will get you killed…

That is a line from a movie that is on my long list of classic films, “Get rich or die trying.” In the film this was a warning from drug dealer/father figure to 50 Cent’s character and its probably a line that is playing over and over again in the collective minds of Miami heat fans.

Along with constant change, it seems as if that quote has been the theme of this NBA “Off-season.” Continue reading Offseason, What offseason?

NBA Offseason Domino Effect

It’s that time of the basketball year again. The time where executives all around the league are plotting their next moves while players do the same. We’re talking about the offseason. Now to the average fan it all seems so simple. Teams call players, the players either say yes or no, then rosters are rearranged. Well turns out the offseason is a little more complicated than that. As anyone that’s watched ESPN in the last week knows, LeBron James might be looking for a new team. Why is that such a big deal? Well it’s because as soon as Lebron makes his decision the NBA Offseason Domino Effect will be fully underway.

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Where Will Melo Go?

It seems like just the other day when James Dolan forced a mid-season trade to acquire Carmelo Anthony from the Denver Nuggets. Ever since that day the Knicks fans have been on a roller coaster ride filled with step back jumpers, lack luster defense, chills and thrills, but mostly lots of motion sickness. Then again, maybe they are just sick of watching Mike Woodson’s ISO-offense. Either way, rumors are circulating that this ride may be coming to an end. Continue reading Where Will Melo Go?