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Offseason, What offseason?

Show no love, love will get you killed…

That is a line from a movie that is on my long list of classic films, “Get rich or die trying.” In the film this was a warning from drug dealer/father figure to 50 Cent’s character and its probably a line that is playing over and over again in the collective minds of Miami heat fans.

Along with constant change, it seems as if that quote has been the theme of this NBA “Off-season.” Continue reading Offseason, What offseason?

Atlanta Hawks Free Agency Wish List

If there was there was any reason to doubt that the hawks intended to be major players in upcoming free agency period it all went away around 7:30 est on Sunday when it was announced that Atlanta had traded away Lou Will and the rights to Lucas Nogueira for John Salmons, who is thought to be immediately cut to free up cap room. His dismissal will leave the team close to 16 million to play with this off season. That’s enough to get one front line player slightly below elite status or a couple of pieces to help fill out the roster.  Which is great but we all know that success in F/A largely come down to making the right moves not always taking the flashy name. Here are a few guys the hawks should be giving a call to once the clock hits midnight. Continue reading Atlanta Hawks Free Agency Wish List