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BoSo’s NBA Playoff Quick Picks

The NBA is now entering playoff mode and their will be less freebies. Each possession will be that much more precious. The NBA season wrapped up on Wednesday and today marks the beginning of the journey to the NBA Finals. The Warriors impressively won 73 games setting a new NBA record for most wins in a season. So they are clearly the playoff favorites! So without any further rambles these are my predictions for these NBA playoffs! Continue reading BoSo’s NBA Playoff Quick Picks

The Curse of Lil B… (part2)

A week ago we blogged about how LeBron James was overcoming the curse of Lil B. Game 3 had just ended, and the Cleveland Cavaliers were up 2-1 in the series. With LeBron averaging a 40 point triple double the curse seemed all but  broken. I mean honestly… what could possibly go wrong?

Then in game 4 the evil magic came storming into the series. The  Cavs would go on to get blown out at home, and LeBron James would go on to have arguably the worst day of his career.

How Bad Was IT???

LeBron had his head busted wide open by the same cameras that exposed his penis on National Tv….

Talk about an embarrassing ending for the “Best Player on the Planet”. The internet memes will be cruel all summer as LeBron James has now suffered back to back losses in the NBA Finals. However, I think its fair to mention that no player in the modern era has ever looked so good in a losing effort. I know it hurts LeBron, but keep your chin up, the best is yet to come.

Pass the Dutchie : High Times in The NBA

Did you know weed is the most dangerous drug in America?…I sure didn’t, but according to the U.S. government, marijuana is a “schedule 1 narcotic” beating out cocaine, morphine and even crystal meth… CRYSTAL METH!!!

Ronald Regan’s war on drugs has been in full swing since the mid 80’s. Unfortunately, it seems to be an impossible war to win, costing U.S tax payers millions, im sorry, billions, forgive me again, TRILLIONS of dollars. Its not surprising that various states have decriminalized weed, but now NBA players want next in that rotation.

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Prospect Watch: Frank Kaminsky

NBA teams have made a habit of overlooking college seniors in the early stages of the draft, but Frank Kaminsky is looking to reverse that trend on June 25th. Its an old school move to stay in school and develop your game, Kaminsky could have left Wisconsin and followed the trend, but obviously he decided on the road less traveled.

Kaminsky’s body type, skill set and strengths compare very similar to Andrea Bargnani(hopefully a more consistent version). He is a face up PF/C that moves pretty graceful for his size. He has added a good bit of polish to his offensive game, but he will more than likely need to play alongside a rim protecting big to anchor a defense at the pro-level.

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Hawks vs Nets Game 2 Recap

Hawks Win… Barely.

We start in the fourth quarter…

Let me preface this by saying, I am not a fan of third quarters. Unless something dramatic happens, I just personally don’t feel that you learn a lot in them. It’s the most “status quo” of the four stanzas. The first 3 minutes are teams trying to establish whatever good word the coach put in the ear at the half and the final 9 usually play out where the team bide time til the fireworks show that is the Fourth Quarter. Continue reading Hawks vs Nets Game 2 Recap

NBA 2014-2015 Season Review & Playoff Projections

Time certainly has flown by like the skills many athletes in the NBA possess. I definitely have enjoyed every moment of the season. Steve Kerr has proven that being coached by two hall of fame coaches has definitely paid off Gregg Popovich and Phil Jackson both whom combined to total 16 championship rings in the last 24 years. Which is quite staggering to realize that. Essentially every other year one of these two charismatic coaches wins a ship. So it is no surprise that Steve Kerr has surpassed all expectations and has the Warriors in position to make a legitimate push for the title in his first year at the helm. At the beginning of the season I made some lofty predictions and I would like to revisit those just so see how things panned out compared to how I felt things would shape up.

Continue reading NBA 2014-2015 Season Review & Playoff Projections

A Few Key Points on The Hawks Game Tonight (7pm on NBATV)

    1.  Ride Kyle Korver.

  • With Milsap and Horford fighting through injuries, this should be one of those rare nights where Kyle takes 15+ shots.
  1. Control the Tempo.

  • Its going to be imperative that Jeff Teague and Dennis Schroder run the Brooklyn old heads out of the gym. Lets get some rest for the banged up guys in the fouth tonight!
  1. No need to double Brook Lopez, but deny deny DENY!

  • My biggest take away from game one of the series is that Brook Lopez is a large dude. We have no answer for that size, fortunately for us we don’t have to. The Nets Selfish one-on-one style of play hurts them because all the iso-Joe’s and Jarrett Jack “I got this” plays mean less shots for the best player on their team. Brook finished last game with 7 shot, of which he hit 6. While I don’t think he has the ticker to win a playoff game on the road by himself, I don’t want to find out.


-Somebody shut up Lionel Hollins! Go Hawks!!!

We will check back in at the half to see what the Hawks are doing right and wrong.

– Glass