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Black Roses

Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls claimed victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder Thursday night and topped off what has been a rocky start for Chi-city in the early stages of the NBA season.  Rose has been a real problem on and off the court and as always the city’s championship hopes bloom or dies on his health.

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Russell Westbrook seems to have this invincibility about him.  He has got a second gear no one can attain but lately his body has been letting him down.  Westbrook has fought through a lengthy stint of injuries that keeps the most entertaining player to watch on the sidelines for the better part of the last two seasons.  OKC was so horrible without their two superstars that Coach Brooks had to free the beast or get left in the dust of the Wild Wild West.  And what better team is there to come back to the game than the stinky New York Knicks.

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