We Are Fresh Take Sports

We Here at Fresh Take Sports DotCom understand that there are no less than *Insert really big number here* sports blogs and website that you, the reader, can go to for your daily sports fix. So our aim is to give you a product you cant find anywhere else. We are committed to giving you excellent sports information and analysis in a plethora of ways from opinion based articles, to informative podcast, visually stunning video and whatever else pops in our imaginative brains! Also, in sharing our vast sports knowledge, we aim to have fun, because  really all sports and media really are, is entertainment. We take ourselves very seriously, but no TOO seriously. A bit of self-deprecation is always on the table. We love sports but will never allow fandom cloud our judgement. (except when it does). We are committed to you. This isnt just our site, its OUR site. Your feedback,emails,comments etc are 200% welcomed and if you like the site Tell a friend or twelve! We are FreshTakeSport.com!   Never Dull and always FRESH! 

– The FreshTake Sports Team

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