Aaron Keith

The AK Lounge

Welcome to the Gun Range

Welcome to the gun range ladies and gentlemen where you can shoot out your frustrations on the modern day athlete, racist billionaires, their dumb wives, serious mistakes in fashion, and everything in between.  At Fresh Take we encourage people to speak their minds and give a new outlook on not just sports but the effects it can have on society.  Consider the AK Lounge a place where you can pick a “target” or topic and firmly pull the trigger on your inept city’s franchise (Timberwolves, Cavaliers, Hawks, etc.) I know I will.

The fantastic members of Fresh Take set this up from my name Aaron Keith so I guess I should say a bit about myself before I go on.  I am an African American male at the age of 22 who, like the rest of Fresh Take, absolutely loves sports.  The sports I really focus on are football, basketball, and tennis but I am really getting into soccer, golf and baseball.  I reign from East Point, Ga so for me it is all about the Atlanta based teams in any sport.  That is right; I am a true Hawks, Falcons, Braves, and Thrashers (oops there gone) fan.  So if you want to challenge my city then I will be glad to tell you how each team can beat yours and make a run for the chip every year but enough about me.  Let’s set some ground rules.

The Lounge

THERE ARE NO RULES!  When you come to the AK lounge grab a piece and fire away but I do ask you try to be fair with your criticisms.  I will always critique a players game on the court, field or match but leave his personal life be unless it is blatantly egregious and newsworthy…..Ehhm Dwight Howard you will be hearing from me shortly.  Also keep the Lounge part of the site in mind.  We are open for debate but this should still be a relaxing atmosphere so if someone pisses you off, including myself, just remember that they are just some fucker in front of the computer and their opinion doesn’t really matter to you.  This should be a great experience so let’s keep it fun, funky, and remember to stay fresh.

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