Boakai Sonii

Ahoy! fellow sports fanatics! it is Bo Jackson at your service. With that said, just know Bo knows sports. I look forward to sharing my own fresh take with my colleagues and the rest of you beautiful people in sports nation. My name is Boakai Sonii and I was born in Chicago, Illinois. (Chi-Town Stand-up, and hopefully Derrick Rose will follow suit!) Speaking of which, to all you Casanova’s out there hard pressed on wooing the ladies, I present to you a pickup line courtesy of Mr. Rose. *Sees pretty girl* “You must be a balla’ because you made my D rose”. She will be headed to “Smittenville” in no time! No need to thank me,you’re very welcome. Everyone calls me Bo so you can refer to me as that as well. My family hails from Liberia that’s West Africa for those who are globally challenged. My passion is football (soccer) first and foremost. I love all sports in general and I attended Georgia Southwestern University majoring in business management. It is Manchester United till the death since the days of Yorkie and Cole. Sir Alex needs to be cloned to rise the club from the ashes. My favorite hoops team is the Los Angeles Clippers. I am slowly becoming a Miami Dolphin fan courtesy of Ryan Tannehill. Oh, and can’t forget,glory to ole Georgia!!! hopefully Herschel can sneak on for a play or two.


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