Chris Staples

Welcome to page of the most handsomely talented, extremely gifted sports enthusiast in the world! Yes, I do have that much confidence because hey if you don’t believe in yourself who else will? I was born on August 30,1992, which is the greatest day on the earth by the way! Sports are everything to me.

Every since I have been able to walk and talk I have been a sports fan. Matter of fact I think my first word was Football. Ok I’m lying it was sandwich, but hey whose judging right? I would say I really began getting heavy into sports as far as being a fan was around 2001. Anybody that knows me knows that when it comes to the Dallas Mavericks and the Philadelphia Eagles, World War 3 will take place if you bad mouth my teams. Especially when it came to Donovan McNabb and when it comes to Dirk Nowitzki because my superfan takes over and let the battle begin!

I feel that sports are a great release from everything else that life brings you and allows all shapes, sizes, races, and colors to unite for 1 common goal…A VICTORY! Some other things about me Include: My Belief that Jay-Z is the best rapper to have ever lived! If you disagree, who cares, who asked you anyway, Kobe Bryant is overrated more like a Daddy Long Legs than a Mamba to me, yea I said it, Dragonball Z is the greatest cartoon to have ever existed, Shout out to Majin Boo, and Uga would be a better coach at Georgia that Mark Richt! Calm Down I know you feel the same way! With all that being said I am still growing and finding out things about me and I want you all to grow with me so welcome to FTS, the end of sports as you know it and the Future of Sports!!!
– Staples

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