Mykhal Glass

Founder of Fresh take Sports DotCom.

My fandom lies within the heart of all Atlanta sports teams (Hawks, Braves, Falcons). Which means my heart is a tattered mess and my pessimism is wrapped in adamantium. My college teams I root for are Georgia Football and Duke Basketball (Don’t you roll your eyes, I saw that!) even with my fandom I am still at heart just a fan of good sport, often times finding myself rooting for the best story-lines and most entertaining outcomes.  I love when the game is played the right way and I love when you can feel the passion and emotion of the athletes, from your couch. I’m a fan of:

Close games

Game 7’s

Fights in Hockey

Slapping the floor on Defense

Brawls before a football game

College Rivalries

Unwritten rules in baseball

International Soccer

And Greatness


I’m not a fan of:

Flopping (as a Duke fan I am aware of the irony of this)

The one and done rule

6’10 or taller white post players being drafted in the Lottery

American Soccer (MLS)

Chasing White Broncos

And Wasted Greatness

I have a vision for this site to be as big as any site you’ve ever seen around the web! I’m always honest and I try to be fair. I believe perspective is everything. Walk a mile in someone else shoes, then write about that experience. My goal in writing is to add insight to the topic and do so in an entertaining and fun way.

If you have any questions, comments concerns or just want to chat, I can be reached at


Thank you for visiting! Stay Fresh!

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