Cristiano Ronaldo Adds More Hardware To The Trophy Room.

Cristiano Ronaldo just keeps on winning with Real Madrid in Spain and receiving individual accolades. Cristiano Ronaldo recently won his second Ballon d’or in a row. He defeated his Ballon nemesis Lionel Messi to repeat as the world’s best footballer. Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer of Bayern Munich and Germany finished third in this years campaign. That makes it the third World Player Of The Year Award that Ronaldo has won (2008,2013,2014). Cristiano Ronaldo is starting to really separate himself from the pack and really cement himself as a soccer icon with the Pele’s and Diego Maradona’s of the world. Ronaldo who is set to turn 30 on February 5th has enjoyed a lucrative career on the pitch and every girl worldwide would melt at the thought to even hug the footballer. Especially in lieu of Cristiano Ronaldo’s breakup with Russian model Irina Shayk earlier this month.


Cristiano’s now ex-girlfriend

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Dunk Contests Hopefuls & Posters of The Season

The NBA Allstar Weekend is set for February the 13th-15th. As we all are aware the dunk contest has struggled in recent years to fully live up to the hype it once had 10 to 20 years ago. Part of the reason being that over time their are so many dunks we can possible see. For me execution, showmanship, and just plain knowing you are a rudeboy are intangibles that can’t be measured. Something about a dunk just uplifts the soul of the players, fans, and on-lookers watching on a tube. I’ve come to realize that some guys are great in game dunkers but put under the glitz and glamour of a dunk contest they cower profusely. Harrison Barnes, J.R. Smith, Demarcus Cousins, Jeff Green, Kevin Durant and Dwayne Wade are perfect examples of in game dunkers. Put in a slam dunk contest they would fail to ignite the flame in the arena. In a normal NBA game however the kids got the juice!

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Hustling Russelling Russell’s EXECUTE

For those of you who missed it Russell Westbrook delivered one of those historic post game interviews that rivals Allen Iverson’s “Practice,” Jim Mora Sr. “Playoffs,” and Marshawn Lynch’s “Thank You For Asking.” I am please to present to you the hysterical antics of Russell Westbrook who put in work versus the red hot Golden State Warriors. Westbrook recorded a staggering 17 points, 15 rebounds, and 17 assists. Talk about a TRIPLE DOUBLE! Westbrook has been balling out of his mind and his championship caliber Thunder sit in 10th place in the Wild West. Westbrook and Durant definitely proved how much of a difference they make for OKC when they are healthy. A little back story on maybe the root of his shenanigans apparently Westbrook wasn’t to fond of some of the Oklahomian’s Berry Tramel’s articles about the superstar guard.

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Deflated Egos The Patriots Peril

In the wake of Superbowl 49 the New England Patriots have to deal with a menacing issue now known as “Deflategate.” The name comes as a result of Spygate in which the New England Patriots were videotaping defensive signals of division rival the New York Jets. Upon further review the Patriots have been videotaping opposing team’s practices and walk-throughs since 2000. Ironically since Spygate surfaced September 9th of 2007 the Patriots have not won a Super Bowl. Coincidence??? who knows you be the judge of that. As a result of Spygate Coach Bill Belichick was fined the maximum amount allowed by league rules of $500,000 and the team was fined $250,000 dollars plus they lost there first round pick in the 1st round of the 2008 draft, which was the 30th pick. Funny thing the team still managed to keep a pick they acquired via a trade that resulted in the selection of stud linebacker Jerod Mayo as the 10th overall selection.

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FAR: Freshtake Artist Recap Dolla

“Closer to My Dreams” by Dolla and I must say his version is harder than Drake’s.

Just chilling with my cousin over the holidays I heard a song that really moved me and made think who is this guy and when I heard Dolla “I was like word he’s spitting like this.” Sure enough he was. For those of you who don’t know Dolla died in 2009 at the tender age of 22. Roderick Anthony Burton II better known by his stage name Dolla was shot to death at a valet stand in Los Angeles on May 18, 2009 by Aubrey Louis Berry. The two had had an altercation 11 days before Burton’s death at an Atlanta night club where Berry was beaten by Burton and his entourage. Dolla grew up in Decatur, Georgia and was in L.A. to finish singles for his debut album. It is a shame a young talent made some poor decisions and things got way too real. Why young men feel the need to tote gats and act “hard” really is disturbing so hopefully slowly but surely a change can occur so great talents like Dolla will not pass prematurely. -BoSo



Freshtake Artists To Watch: Battle Rapper Iron Solomon

I’ve always respected rappers that can flow off the top of the dome without anything written or a teleprompter. It’s cool if you can perform a hot track but a lot of credit must be given to an individual that can masterfully improv poetry in a way that is so witty, clever, and hip. When you take a gander at Iron Solomon, freestyle rapper is not the first thing that would spring to mind. I’m thinking more along the line of pastry chef or plumber. Iron Solomon is white and jewish, but I must say next to Marshall Mathers aka Eminem Iron Solomon is Kevin Durant. I can’t put into words his lyrical prowess but I’ll shall just put young guys on. As some who follow freestyle rappers know Murda Mook and Iron Solomon have been fighting for the crown for years but never faced off until 2 years ago much to my surprise. A Mayweather versus Pacquiao type of clash with two MCs that can flow like a river. I present to you the lyricist that is Iron Solomon. -BoSo Continue reading Freshtake Artists To Watch: Battle Rapper Iron Solomon